Happy Monday!

“I am either learning or loving every minute of my mission”. That
pretty much sums up this past week. There happened to be a lot of
learning experiences for me this time… but those are the weeks that
I grow the most!We did have a couple of highlights this past week! One of them was
Raneesha’s baptism. He is the guy from Sri Lanka. It was a great
service. Except one tiny little detail… 🙂 Haha! We started filling
the font at the beginning of second hour, and figured it would have
enough time to fill up. SO we checked it after Sunday school was over,
and it was not even close to being full. We had accidentally left part
of the chain in between the drain and the plug so their was about 1/4
inch of an opening that water could drain out. We kind of panicked a
little bit. Luckily we found a 5 gallon cooler and some pitchers, so
we got pretty creative! We put the cooler in the shower and started
filling it up. Then we had the sink filling up the pitchers, we would
run and dump them in the font every time they got full. It was a long
process, but eventually it worked out. Ha! It was like a sauna in the
bathroom, and a member walked in.. he was so confused at first but
then he started laughing with us when he realized what was going on!
Good times.














It is always an adventure out here. It was a harder week than usual,
but thats okay. Last week I emailed about “enjoying the journey” and
this past week I had to decide to practice what I preached! It wasn’t
easy either. Ha… When the alarm clock goes off at 6:30 every
morning, I don’t always want to get out of bed and start exercising.
That honestly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind… But we still
do it! You just have to make a conscious decision to keep moving
forward, especially when times are tough.

I am super excited for conference! More excited than I ever  have been
for it before. I invite everyone to watch as many sessions as you can!
Remember.. Revelation doesn’t just come on Sunday 🙂

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!