Hard Times Come Again No More

Well General Conference was awesome!! The Priesthood session was probably my favorite one that I had ever been to. I learned a lot of really good things. I am just sad that we have to wait another six months for the next one. I especially liked President Monson’s talk in Priesthood. It fired me up. 🙂

Besides conference we had a hectic week.. A lot of it involved problems with automobiles. I do miss the days when I could just walk or take the bus everywhere! It seemed like there was always one thing after another just piling up on us throughout the week. I did my best to “enjoy the journey”, but I have to admit I got pretty frustrated. Life is hard sometimes! We spent a lot of time at Pep-Boys to say the least.. haha! Even our flapjacks in the mornings were giving us grief. It was just one of those weeks, but hey! Those weeks are the ones where we grow the most! We have a song called “Hard Times Come Again No More” that is rather fitting to this week. Ha!
We are still pluggin along out here! I am still either learning or loving every minute. It is pretty amazing to be able to have this opportunity to preach the gospel, even if it is for such a short amount of time. We are just trying to make the best of it! Keep praying for the people of New York. They can use all of the prayers they can get!
One theme that I got from conference was “defend the faith”. That is something that I have had to do a lot on my mission. Whether that is in living rooms, on buses, street corners, on the internet, etc. You name it. It has not always been easy. There have been times where I was unsure of how to respond. There was even times when doubt crept up on me. I am grateful for those experiences though. The flame of my testimony has been revived in those refining moments. I sense a lot of hard times ahead for members of the church. Regardless of where you live, because we all have the internet. The internet can be a nasty place! We were trying to find some people to teach through some groups on facebook, and some of those groups didn’t like our church very much… to say the least. 🙂 Defending the faith will never be easy, and it doesn’t always require us to do so in a heroic manner. But it does require us to hold strong to the truths we have been converted to. Elder Holland gave a great talk on this topic that I really liked. Anyways, don’t shy away from the truth. Take comfort in persecution that lays ahead! For, “if they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you” (John 15:20). Although we may seem alone when we defend the faith, we stand with Jesus Christ. Take pride in that!!! Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!
St Patricks Day 2014!

St Patricks Day 2014!


Enjoying the Journey!!!

Another great week on Staten Island! We are so busy it is insane.. I
love it though. I would much rather be busy all of the time. I gave a
talk in sacrament meeting yesterday about general conference!! I am
really excited for it now. It is Super Bowl Sunday for us

Big news! Did you know that there is one district left on the
continental U.S.A.? (A district is basically something that is
composed of wards, but is too small to be a stake) Well did you also
know that the last district is in our mission? It won’t be a district
for much longer! In April it will be organized into a Stake! It is
pretty big news. President Calderwood has been the District President
for all of those wards, and after this is over he will have some more
time to focus on the missionaries. That man just never stops. He is
unbelievably good.

I can’t remember what happened this past week. Too much stuff is going
on. We have our zone conference this upcoming week though! I am really
excited for that. I keep a journal though so I will share stories with
you after the mission… I just don’t have the brain power right now
to recall all of these things.. Ahh 🙂

I have noticed something in a lot of people that I have met throughout
my mission. They can’t seem to find happiness. It is interesting. You
will see one missionary and he will be the happiest missionary that
you have met, and then you will meet his companion. His companion is
depressed and does not want to be there. How does that make sense?
They live the same life. They do the same things! What in the world?
Well it all goes back to the first book in the Book of Mormon. It
usually does. I think I already emailed this thought home? Oh well,
you can hear it again. Anyways! Lehi’s sons take off on an adventure.
They are all walking the same path, doing the same things, eating the
same food. Yet we see Laman and Lemuel having what seems to be the
worst time of their lives! It all came down to their attitude. They
chose to focus on all of the horrible things that were happening,
while Nephi took the opposite approach and had opposite results.
Happiness in life really is an active decision on our part. You have
to learn how to be happy in your life especially amidst the trials
that you face. President Calderwood says, “As leaders (or people) you
can NEVER have a bad day”. Learn to love everything that comes your
way. It’s worth a shot to give it a try… What have you got to lose?
Only sadness.

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!



First of all, I love you all. Second of all, this week has been crazy. Crazy good that is. We had transfer meeting, and lost Elder Henstrom as one of our zone leaders… But get this. Our new zone leader? The one and only Rick Smith! He is one of the twins that played B-ball with me and James FOREVER ago. He went to MV. Funny story, his twin brother is in Montana and is companions with Connor White right now! Anyways, I am going on an exchange with Elder Smith tonight because Elder Tingey is a District Leader and is going with Elder Cabeza. Small world eh? That should be awesome. Also at transfer meetings they made some changes! There is now a Sister companionship in Bermuda! So there are 1 set of elders, sisters, and a senior couple! A good district of 6 people. Also they are putting Sisters in “The Man Zone”. Which was an area in Brooklyn that is super sketchy. President said that since the Sisters are back in there it is “The new and improved Celestial Zone”. We got a good laugh at that.

After every transfer meeting there is always a “Leaders Meeting”. So therefore the comp’s of all the DL’s have an “Anti-Leaders Meeting”. A bunch of us got together and ate my Easter candy! Just talked and hung out. It was good to finally just sit down and talk for once. Jantzen was there too, so we got to hang out for a while! Its weird that I know so many people out here. Did I already tell you that 7 people currently serving out here went to Mountain View? Really small world. This past week we had the chance to do a lot of service! We helped this lady who really needed some help. Her husband is terminally ill. She hadn’t really left her house for 2 years except to go to the hospital with him. He can’t really communicate or anything, but she still goes. She is trying to get him back home to take care of him, and essentially let him die at home. Super sad…. We helped clean her house, do her dishes, move furniture, etc. She ordered pizza afterwards and I told her a little about the church. She told us she was scared she would never see us again… I assured her she would be seeing us again, and that she wouldn’t be able to get rid of us! She is golden, but we are probably going to pass her off to the Sisters… that is a different dramatic story though! Oh well. The mission isn’t about numbers, its about HELPING people in any way possible.
Also, I hope you all loved conference! I loved it. I learned so much. I particularly enjoyed Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk! He talked about “Centering our home on the Savior”! The home and our families are the best place to learn the gospel principles and grow! So naturally satan is going to attack that. And boy is he attacking it. I have seen some UGLY situations out here in New York, that blow me away. Don’t let those kinds of things happen to you! Ever! If we stay on the Lord’s side we will win. Every time. I dunno about you, but I sure love winning! Center your homes on the Savior and we will win. Every time!!!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!