Happy Monday!

“I am either learning or loving every minute of my mission”. That
pretty much sums up this past week. There happened to be a lot of
learning experiences for me this time… but those are the weeks that
I grow the most!We did have a couple of highlights this past week! One of them was
Raneesha’s baptism. He is the guy from Sri Lanka. It was a great
service. Except one tiny little detail… ūüôā Haha! We started filling
the font at the beginning of second hour, and figured it would have
enough time to fill up. SO we checked it after Sunday school was over,
and it was not even close to being full. We had accidentally left part
of the chain in between the drain and the plug so their was about 1/4
inch of an opening that water could drain out. We kind of panicked a
little bit. Luckily we found a 5 gallon cooler and some pitchers, so
we got pretty creative! We put the cooler in the shower and started
filling it up. Then we had the sink filling up the pitchers, we would
run and dump them in the font every time they got full. It was a long
process, but eventually it worked out. Ha! It was like a sauna in the
bathroom, and a member walked in.. he was so confused at first but
then he started laughing with us when he realized what was going on!
Good times.














It is always an adventure out here. It was a harder week than usual,
but thats okay. Last week I emailed about “enjoying the journey” and
this past week I had to decide to practice what I preached! It wasn’t
easy either. Ha… When the alarm clock goes off at¬†6:30¬†every
morning, I don’t always want to get out of bed and start exercising.
That honestly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind… But we still
do it! You just have to make a conscious decision to keep moving
forward, especially when times are tough.

I am super excited for conference! More excited than I ever  have been
for it before. I invite everyone to watch as many sessions as you can!
Remember.. Revelation doesn’t just come¬†on Sunday¬†ūüôā

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Happy late thanksgiving! I had a great week. I am sitting in the
laundromat on my iPad currently. Technology amazes me. Really though,
I had a great week. Life is just too good. ūüôā

Thanksgiving was incredible!! It started off with a mission wide
turkey bowl! Zone vs Zone! We lost… Both games.. But we had fun! I
may have injured my ankle a little… But nothing broke, thankfully.
It is bruised and still hurts… But I didn’t come on my mission to
sit on a couch! It is healing up quickly Mom. Stop worrying!

ankle injury from turkey bowl 2013

turkey football jensen lee burch

I saw all¬†of my friends at the turkey bowl. I caught a pass on Elder Burch… He
wasn’t too happy! Ha! I love hanging out with all the missionaries,
even if it seldom happens. Good times! We traveled to Queens to play.
It was awesome. Then we had a sweet dinner appointment. There is a
young family who moved into the ward that invited us over for dinner.
Ironically… Neither of them really ever celebrate thanksgiving. He
is from England, and she is from Spain. They are such a cool couple
though! We had an English feast! It wasn’t a traditional American
thanksgiving at all, but I didn’t mind. We had Yorkshire pudding,
cheese and crackers, beef, sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc. Then they
brought out the apple pie for dessert. It was delicious. Like I
said… I love food.

So we had a blessed thanksgiving with a feast! Then the real feast
happened. I went to the temple the very next day! Now that was a
spiritual feast. I can’t wait to be able to work in the temple when I
get home. I am looking forward to that. I learned so many things when
I went to the temple. It really is the house of God. I know that
personally. If you are worthy for it, please go to the temple! It’s
hard to convey in words how special the temple is to me. You will feel
the same way if you just attend!

Just wait. It gets even better! I got a phone call from Elder
Finlinson the other day. Remember Rich?! I met Rich my very first
transfer in Terryville. Elder Tingey and I worked with him for over 7
months. He would never get baptized… Until the good news came! On
the phone I heard that Rich finally committed to baptism! Elder Jensen
and I traveled all the way out to Terryville (many train rides..) to
attend! It took about 3 hours to get there, but it was worth it! I was
able to baptize him. It was amazing.

I am excited for the Christmas season! I am convinced this is the best
time of year because everyone just spent a whole month being grateful.
Gratitude is a stepping stone in our journey to becoming like Jesus
Christ. Don’t forget the real reason for the season!


Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!
P.S. Sorry for any grammar errors.. Typing on an iPad is rough stuff!
I am grateful to have an iPad though ūüėČ

All You Need Is Love!

Wow. I am sorry I couldn’t email last week. The work truly is¬†hastening out here. You can feel it. There has been a lot of things
going on and we got really busy! I will try to make this email extra good for you (and grandma)!!

I will start off with some lesser exciting news… I bought a blender!¬†I use that thing every day. I go through about 10 pounds of fruit and
2 gallons of milk… A week. I love my smoothies. Mainly bananas and¬†strawberries! So good. I look forward to those things… I find joy in
the simple things in life now. Makes me happier ūüôā

So every week on Tuesday nights we do an activity with the other district! We get together, sing hymns, and fearless people! It is
usually pretty fun. Recently this guy named Adam has gotten in contact¬†with us. He is 19 and plays the tenor saxophone. We invited him to¬†come play with us on Tuesdays. He started coming and asking about our¬†church… So naturally we started to teach him. We invited him to¬†church and he has come the last two weeks! He is a great guy. Elder¬†Jensen and I are actually going to be doing a Christmas number with¬†him. We will put it up on Facebook so keep an eye out for that!

Oh get this. We were on the train coming home for the night when a lady got on with her husband. I smiled and said hello. She looked at
me with a scowl and said “I don’t know you!!”. I was taken aback.. I¬†actually had to apologize to someone for smiling at them. Gotta love
New York!! ūüôā

Mom, remember how you make those chicken roll ups with cream cheese? Totally did that. They were delicious. We made them for some other elders in my district.

There is this less active member who lives in a group home that we are working with. As we were leaving one night we asked everyone there if we could sing to them. They looked excited! We sang some hymns (elder Jensen is really good at singing) and then we all sang silent night together. It was a really cool moment. We are able to use our talents to bless other people. It was awesome.

I guess I can tell you about the iPads…… ūüôā¬†They are so nice! In fact. I am typing this on my iPad mini! Every¬†missionary has their own iPad, and again… They rock. The gospel¬†library app has made my studies so much better. We have our area books¬†and planners in our iPads. We can do things so much more effectively.¬†I love them. I also am able to stay on top of things a lot better.¬†With the work hastening, there are a lot of things I have to do as a¬†missionary. So many things to plan out and things to remember. iPads¬†are truly sent from heaven. ūüôā

Also, as you probably saw on Facebook..the Binettis were baptized! That family is awesome. I love them. I am humbled to be a small part
in helping them on their journey. A lot of missionaries helped teach them. Elder Tingey and I were actually the first elders to go over. It
was cool to be there… Tingey is still in Bermuda so he wasn’t able¬†to make it, but he was there in spirit!!

I realized something this past week. The whole entire reason we are here is to love. Not the worldly kind of love, but the Godly trait. He
has sent us here to love. Love him enough to keep His commandments.¬†Love our families. Love our neighbors. Love. If we can truly learn how¬†to love those around us, we can find the kingdom of heaven. For¬†“inasmuch as ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have¬†done it unto me (the savior)”. Treating others with love is the¬†literal way to show love unto our Savior.

Elder Lee
Come whom may come, and love them. ūüôā


Well.. It happened. We finally hit it. 10,000 miles in one car! Remember way back when I got the Toyota Corolla? It had 90 miles on it. This past week we hit over 10,000! We do a LOT of driving… A lot. It is crazy to think I have seen that many miles in that car! Sheesh.
So dad you would be proud of me! I finally made the Flank steak with the marinade. It was tasty! Not sure who else really enjoyed it… but I loved it. It was awesome. Just like a¬†Sunday¬†night at home!
We have been playing basketball still every Saturday morning! One of our investigators came last Saturday! He is awesome. He is really getting involved with the ward and it is helping him out.
We are also working with Dominick! He is super cool as well. He has a baptismal date for October 12th! He is really excited for it. We have been taking lots of people over there to teach with us so that he can have a lot of new friends in the ward. We are going to institute with him tomorrow night. I am pumped!
We have been really blessed lately! Hard work pays off. I promise. I can honestly say that I am more tired this week than I was last week… and I do have the feeling that I will be saying the same thing over and over again until I get home!¬†So when I eventually get home, I will probably hibernate for a week or so! Ha! But since we are working hard we had a ¬†baptism yesterday! David was baptized. He is a son of a family we have been working with. I love that family. They had me baptize him, and it was one of the most amazing experiences. I could see the parents crying, and could feel the spirit so strongly as I baptized him. There is nothing that I can compare that feeling to! I love it. The Holy Ghost really is so powerful, if we allow Him to influence our lives.
It was a great week. More great weeks to come! That doesn’t mean that the weeks are easy by any means… because they wouldn’t be great if they were easy.
As always, I love you guys!!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and love it!

The Best Two Years…2.0

I am sure most people know by now, but the missionary experience just got an upgrade! I don’t know a whole lot of details right now, but I do know that we are supposed to be using Facebook and Ipads by October! The zone leaders will all be using facebook before us. So Rick Smith should have gotten on his by now. It is going to be a really cool way to hasten the work even more! It is a lot of responsibility, but I know we can handle it!
We had a baptism yesterday! Patrick was someone we met about four months ago. We have been working with him on and off, and finally he got baptized. He is 19 years old, and he is awesome! He wants to go on a mission, so we will see what happens with that! I love that guy. His family is really nice too. I will send some pictures home!
I love missionary work! There is a really good book that was recommended to us by Bishop Smith of the Terryville ward out here. It is called “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”. It is so good. It helps people learn how to do missionary work in a casual, non threatening way! If you are looking for help, you should read it.
I know that everyone out there can be a missionary! No matter who you are, and no matter what you do. It is something that we all should be thinking about anyways. I know that these are the last days, and that it is up to us to help everyone feel the happiness that can be felt in this Gospel. Doesn’t everyone deserve to be happy?
Love ya’ll!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

The Dreaded Day Has Come…

This week was…. an adventure! They all are. We went to the Long Island Ducks game with the Dybers! Hopefully they sent you some pictures from that. We did that on P-day! It was pretty fun. Even though my Ducks lost… grrr. ha!
Entrance to the game.

Entrance to the game.

Long Island Ducks 2013

Long Island Ducks 2013

Quacking at the ducks game!

Quacking at the ducks game!

So first of all.. Mike was baptized yesterday! That wasn’t the dreaded day of course. It was a great day! He finally is a “Saint” as he says. I love that guy. I will try to send some pictures home from the baptism later. The program went very well. Something really cool actually happened with that! We were with Bishop Smith visiting a less active couple. As we were meeting with them (for the first time) I had an impression. I felt prompted to ask him to speak at Mikes baptism! So.. I asked him! Elder Finlinson, and Bishop… mainly Bishop… were pretty shocked! He wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I knew the Holy Ghost was prompting me. He accepted, and came the next day! I had never ever seen him at church the whole time I have been here. He got up and gave a great talk. Bore powerful testimony, and now he is planning on coming next week! The Lord works by small and simple things! Incredible.
Second of all, Elder Finlinson and I are going to start a landscaping business. Not really… But we definitely could! I will send some pictures¬†so that this really can make sense, but I will try to explain it.¬†There were some bushes that a less active member needed to be¬†trimmed. Unfortunately¬†they were too tall for her (or anyone) to reach!¬†Why not use a ladder you ask? Well good question. Naturally she didn’t have one. So we did what¬†we do best!¬†We improvised. He got on my shoulders, while wielding a hedge trimmer, and I walked all along the bushes and IN the¬†bushes so that we could get the job done!¬†Nothing was stopping us! Not even the disgusting bugs. Which by the way… there are TONS of. Long Island is filled with nappy¬†insects. So I was surrounded by spiders and bugs¬†while I was standing in this bush. With a¬†person on my shoulders. Who was trimming bushes. What a day!¬†
Sean and Elder F. trimming bushes

Sean and Elder F. trimming bushes


Then it happened… The dreaded day had finally come. We were at 7-Eleven getting a drink. When the door opened, and in they walked. 3¬†women, wearing not so modest clothing! They immediately bee-lined over to us.¬†I tried to escape, but couldn’t. I was trapped between glass and Elder¬†Finlinson. He took¬†off¬†immediately.¬†Right as I was about to turn around and walk¬†away, they started talking to me. Actually hitting on me… The nerve!! Here is the worst part. I can’t talk to women anymore. I have finally become that awkward missionary!¬†I pretty much just stared at them for a few minutes, mumbling things. Then I slowly grabbed my Arizona and with a¬†blank stare on my¬†face… walked away. The dreaded day of becoming an awkward missionary has come.
Those were some of the highlights of my week! Great things are happening out here. Keep the Terryville area in your¬†prayers. We need all the help we can get. My birthday is coming up! The only reason I bring this up.. is to ask for a Birthday present! Duh.¬†The thing I truly want for my birthday is¬†for everyone to find ONE opportunity to share a message about the¬†gospel to someone. Regardless if they are member or not. Then you can understand what I do ALL day every day.¬†ūüôā
Here is my spiritual thought of the day.¬†This life isn’t meant to be easy.¬†If it were easy, there would be no point.¬†We all have work to do, and sometimes it will be really¬†hard. But¬†I came up with a little saying:
“The Lord found perfection through blood, sweat, and tears. He expects us to do the same.”
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

The 4th of July, and a Sinful Generation!

Hello all!

This last week was pretty incredible! Donna got baptized! It was amazing. We were filling up the font to get ready for her baptism. Everything was in order! The font takes about 1 hour to fill up. After church I went up to Bishop Smith, and I said “What time did you start filling up the font? Do you think it is done by now?”. He started to nervously laugh and kind of freak out! I just started laughing. Ahh it was too funny. At the baptism we had the members speaking, and a member baptize her. I did get the chance to bear my testimony though! I was speaking, and just started crying. I was so happy. Just looking at Donna and how different her life is going to be now. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room afterwards. We were all just so happy. The spirit was very strong! It was an incredible experience.
Donna and all missionaries 2013

Donna and all missionaries 2013

Donna with Elder Lee and Finlinson 2013

Donna with Elder Lee and Finlinson 2013

Donna's baptism 2013

Donna’s baptism 2013

That was the highlight of my week for sure! Last Monday we started to teach a less active family. He likes to work out, so we go over there to work out with him and share a lesson! He was the one with the tithing experience. Super cool couple. I love them. Needless to say, I was sore for a couple of days after being over there.
The 4th of July was awesome! We got the chance to play in two softball games! One with missionaries, and one with the Terryville ward! It was fun to be able to play. I will join an adult league one day! I love it. That consisted of most of our day. Unfortunately we did not see any fireworks. We were in by¬†9:00. Just when the “rough crowd” was starting to make their appearance. In fact… We went to 7/11 on the way home! Of course we got our party drink of choice for the occasion! Slurpees.
That was about it for the night… We just witnessed so many people drinking, doing drugs, the whole 9 yards. Claiming to be having the time of their lives. I felt sad for them! They can’t find happiness. I try to talk to them, but they wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Ahhh.. The sins of the world make me sad.
Just a little fact for you.. In Suffolk county there was 197 DUI’s in one night. In Nassau county they had 220. In one night. We truly live in a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. All the more reason to be the “light in the darkness”.
Elder Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it !!
P.S. My new companion is awesome. I call him cowboy. Ha!