This Is It…

All good things come to an end, right? Well this experience has been
more than good, and the end is at the door. As I type this letter it
still doesn’t feel real. It is hard to explain, but it hasn’t hit me
yet. I have said so many goodbyes, but it just feels like another
transfer.. I don’t understand it! Anyways, I will tell you a little
bit about my last week.

We saw a miracle happen. One of my favorite people in far Rockaway
came to church! She is an older lady that is a riot. I loved going
over to visit her. She lives everything that we believe except the
whole coffee thing. She can’t do without her cup of joe! So she
finally came to church for the first time since I have been here, and
guess what a member bears her testimony about? The word of wisdom.
Specifically how staying away from coffee has blessed her. I mean come
on, does it get any better than that? So cool.

I visited a lot of the members that I got close with while I was here!
I love them all, holy cow. One of the visits was made to a Jamaican
family! They are so great. I told them that I had a bad cold, and they
were excited. I was pretty confused… Then I understood. They had
made this stuff called “fire cider” specifically for sick people. I
took a spoonful of it and… Almost died. It was a mixture of garlic,
onions, pepper, beets, etc. It was so HOT. It instantly cleared my
sinuses haha! I think it actually helped!

I have realized something on my mission. The only thing that really
has any importance in this life are treasures in heaven. I learned
what is found in those vaults up there… There are only two things
that we can really take with us as we pass on. Ourselves (personality,
knowledge, talents, memories, etc) and relationships. That’s it!
Nothing more, nothing less. I am so glad that I had my perspective
change… The world doesn’t actually revolve around me, who knew? We
can all do better to spend quality AND quantity time with the people
important to us. I will forever cherish the friendships and memories
that I have made on my mission. There are some missionaries, and
members here that mean so much to me… That is my advice for the day!
Know where your priorities are because “for where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also”.

This is Elder Lee signing out for the last time. These past two years
really have been the best of my life, but now it is time to make these
next two even better.


Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


Enjoying the Journey!!!

Another great week on Staten Island! We are so busy it is insane.. I
love it though. I would much rather be busy all of the time. I gave a
talk in sacrament meeting yesterday about general conference!! I am
really excited for it now. It is Super Bowl Sunday for us

Big news! Did you know that there is one district left on the
continental U.S.A.? (A district is basically something that is
composed of wards, but is too small to be a stake) Well did you also
know that the last district is in our mission? It won’t be a district
for much longer! In April it will be organized into a Stake! It is
pretty big news. President Calderwood has been the District President
for all of those wards, and after this is over he will have some more
time to focus on the missionaries. That man just never stops. He is
unbelievably good.

I can’t remember what happened this past week. Too much stuff is going
on. We have our zone conference this upcoming week though! I am really
excited for that. I keep a journal though so I will share stories with
you after the mission… I just don’t have the brain power right now
to recall all of these things.. Ahh 🙂

I have noticed something in a lot of people that I have met throughout
my mission. They can’t seem to find happiness. It is interesting. You
will see one missionary and he will be the happiest missionary that
you have met, and then you will meet his companion. His companion is
depressed and does not want to be there. How does that make sense?
They live the same life. They do the same things! What in the world?
Well it all goes back to the first book in the Book of Mormon. It
usually does. I think I already emailed this thought home? Oh well,
you can hear it again. Anyways! Lehi’s sons take off on an adventure.
They are all walking the same path, doing the same things, eating the
same food. Yet we see Laman and Lemuel having what seems to be the
worst time of their lives! It all came down to their attitude. They
chose to focus on all of the horrible things that were happening,
while Nephi took the opposite approach and had opposite results.
Happiness in life really is an active decision on our part. You have
to learn how to be happy in your life especially amidst the trials
that you face. President Calderwood says, “As leaders (or people) you
can NEVER have a bad day”. Learn to love everything that comes your
way. It’s worth a shot to give it a try… What have you got to lose?
Only sadness.

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!