Pio! Pio!

I hate to disappoint, but this week was not as eventful as last week! No out of the country excursions to report on! It was still a good week though. 🙂

We had transfer calls. I will be staying in Belle Harbor for another transfer! I will be getting a new companion though. I won’t be in a trio anymore, that will be kind of strange. I really like the trio life… Ahhh oh well. Time for a change!

We ate food at this delicious peruvian restaurant that we love. It is called Pio Pio! If anyone is ever here, you should make a stop. This is just a side note, but I love it enough to give it a shout out!

I went back to Terryville for an exchange! It was fun to be back in my old pad. I was able to visit some people that have dropped off, and help them get reconnected with the missionaries there. We visited a member down there and showed “He is the Gift”. We asked his family how many people he thinks his family can show that video to before Christmas… and he said 100!! He is a stud. It is exciting to see other people getting involved in missionary work. I had a great exchange back in Terryville!

We had a great service project on Saturday!! An older lady in our branch wanted her Christmas spirit boosted, so we came over to decorate her house! She fed us breakfast. It was incredible. Then we listened to Christmas music while we put up lights and garland!! It was a really fun time.

That brings me to my spiritual thought of the week! I have really learned that serving other people is the pathway to peace. When you focus on other people, for some reason, you just feel joy! It is an incredible feeling. I am excited to find ways to continually serve other people for my whole life. It can be as simple as making my companion breakfast. Or taking an hour to help spread some mulch in your neighbor’s yard! It doesn’t take much for us to serve, but it sure means a lot to the people that we help out. I wish everyone (including myself) would spend more time focusing on others. Because that is a really easy way to find peace and joy! And who doesn’t want more peace in their lives?

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!





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