That is Horrific!!!

Last P-day was awesome! We finally had a full p-day to ourselves. The zone got together to practice for the turkey bowl! We are pretty serious about the turkey bowl so we even practiced in the rain… then it really started to pour….and the wind started to blow….and we realized that we weren’t THAT serious about it! Haha! It was fun though. Except we went shopping (soaking wet) afterwards, and we were miserable. Good times.

We had a street sweep with Elder Young and Elder Beazer. I love those guys. We picked up trash on some public streets in the community. It was disgusting, but hey! Thats New York!
I was able to go to Midwood on exchanges! We had a great time. It was weird being back in the same apartment again. We went to Gyro King though! I love halal food. I miss it. If you don’t know what that is.. you should google “Lamb over rice halal food” and look at the pictures that come up. Yum.
We planned to go on the trains to do a flash mob! We practiced a few songs, and then we were off! We would all get in the same car, and start singing. It was funny to hear people’s reactions. One lady was nice and commented on how it was good to hear “Christian music” every once in a while. Everyone else ignored us or got really mad. There was this russian guy that was not happy… at all. I think we woke him up. He started shaking his head and cursing us under his breath. He finally turned and looked me in the eyes and yelled, “THAT IS HORRIFIC!”. I just smiled and kept singing. I chuckled, because some people get bent out of shape for the strangest things. Oh well! OH and I tried to fearless these two ladies on the train and got totally shut down… in front of the whole zone. I was like… uhhh… and just sat down. Hahahaha I tried!
Anyways. I was pondering about why bad things happen to good people. Elder Holland makes a great point. He talks about how Jesus Christ was the best this world has ever seen. Did He not go through hard times? Was He not tortured beyond what He deserved? Of course. He kept His scars to show that although bad things may happen to good people, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love them.



Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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