All Around The World

We had an incredible week. It all started with a new transfer!! The new missionaries that came in were so cool. They were from all over the world. Spain, Paraguay, South Korea, etc. Oh and Provo, Utah of course. 🙂 It was cool to see so many people from around the world united in the same cause. They are going to be stellar missionaries.

The transfer meeting was great as usual. It is always a treat to be with the majority of the mission and to hear President Calderwood speak.

Well I have a new companion! We are still in a trio, but Elder Baker had to move on with his life 😦 Elder Lavelle is the new addition! Wow, I am so excited. I have always looked up to him throughout my whole mission. It is pretty cool to be his companion. I have learned something cool. Do you want to know the true measurement of a leader? It isn’t about the work that he gets done. That stuff doesn’t really matter as much. The true measurement is how the people around that person do. If the people around you are growing and blossoming, that means you are a good leader. Even if you are conquering the world, but everyone around you is being destroyed in the process.. what good does it do? A true leader inspires and lifts the people around them. Elder Lavelle is great at that.

Well we had a meeting this week! I made a little video for it. It was cool. The concept was on whether you are “Insane or Inspired?”. If you change your expectations in life, do you change your actions to match them? Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. You have to do more than change your expectations in order to be inspired. You have to change your actions to match it. Pretty cool concept!

We hardly ever sleep. Sleep is overrated anyways! I fall asleep anytime I stop moving. That usually only happens in sacrament meeting. So you can count on me passing out in church. Haha… yep. OH a lifelong dream was fulfilled the other day! We got a selfie with President Calderwood. It was great. Highlight of the week for sure.

The biggest highlight happened on Saturday though! Elder Hallstrom of the Presidency of the seventy made a surprise visit! He basically had a layover in New York on his way to Bermuda with President Calderwood, so he set up a conference for the mission! It was incredible. He talked about a lot of things, but one thing stuck out. He said that we are responsible for how much we get out of meetings. Sacrament, District, etc. Whatever it is! We decide how much we are going to learn from every meeting. It is up to us to seek knowledge, but not only to just learn. The most important part is turning that knowledge into action! We should always have a resolve to change after every meeting we have. That is how we continually improve. I loved that. I mean.. We have a billion meetings anyways, right? Might as well get something out of it!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

One thought on “All Around The World

  1. Hi Elder Lee! Greetings from our mission in Colorado Springs. Its snowing here! Thank you for your thoughts on leadership. I will use your words in our next Institute class if it is all right with you. So awesome that you are there doing such great work, and we are here learning from you. Our motto here is: preach the gospel and sometimes use words. I am so glad you are doing well and loving it. (I miss your Mom!)
    We picked up two young soldiers from Fort Carson and took them to church with us today. One is from California and LOVES Café Rio. He is a member. The other is an investigator from Florida. Both are younger than you, and full of the gospel. (They called us for rides). They both said that the church helps them become stronger when dealing with the challenges of the Army. I love that.
    Best of everything to you!
    Love, Sister Cynthia Dameron

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