The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Another week has flown by. Wow.

Well due to a special occasion, I found myself at dinner with President and Sister Calderwood! We were eating, and decided we wanted to “fearless” our waitress. It was pretty easy because she started asking us questions… I love when they do that. 🙂 It was kind of awkward at first, but it smoothed itself out. We were all asking kind of lame questions, until the question got thrown out, “What question do you feel like religion has never been able to answer for you?”. She was taken aback. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and all of the information for church. The ball is in her court now! I hope she goes. That was super cool though.
Have you ever had the blazin’ wings from Buffalo Wild Wings? Well if you answered no to that question, keep it that way. It was a horrible decision. Elder Hussein got some for me one day and I foolishly ate five of them. They didn’t even taste good, and they burned everything that they touched! My fingers, lips, mouth, heart, stomach, etc. I thought they hurt going in, but it was just as bad when they came out. I will leave it at that.
Elder Nugent was praying one night to find out where Heavenly Father wanted us to go. He felt like we should go to this former investigator’s house. It was shocking because they had called us a few weeks ago and yelled at us. After that, they told us to never come back. That was the same day that the other family we were teaching told us that they were moving, so it was pretty tough. But for some reason Elder Nugent felt like going to see them. We wrote them a thank you card, and headed over… we knocked on the door and… they let us in and fed us dinner. Ha!! God is so good. Even though promptings don’t make sense, just follow through with them.
I have just had the strongest impressions about families lately. The world is getting pretty ugly, and they are going to attack the church for what we believe. It is already happening. We had a fireside last night about how marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God. I just felt the Spirit confirm to me that it was true. I can’t ever deny that. President Calderwood read The Family Proclamation, and it is all true. If you don’t know that yet, you should read it and pray about it. You are going to have to know that for the future. The future is frightening to think about, but I will always defend traditional marriage. That is the catch with “additional light”, you have a lot more responsibility. Oh boy.
We have spent most of our proselyting time in Belle Harbor. There are so many families there it is crazy. Almost like Utah. They all know their neighbors (which is refreshing) and actually care about each other. The ones we have met are pretty set in their ways, but they are willing to have us over and feed us 🙂 They love the missionaries after what they did for them during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We have a lot of hope for some families though. This branch needs some anchor families!!
Anyways, I am not ready to come home yet. I love President and Sister Calderwood too much. I have nothing but respect for both of them. If I end up being half the man that President Calderwood is, I will be doing alright.
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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