I’m a real man..?

Well I found out that I will be getting transferred! I only spent one
transfer in Terryville this time around, but it was a good little pit
stop. I learned a lot, and saw some pretty amazing miracles. I am
excited for this next part of my mission!

This last week we were visiting a potential investigator and we saw a
dog chained up in the yard. The investigator lived in the back, and so
the dog was guarding our path. He was not a very nice dog so we knew
we had to be careful. I was secretly excited because I haven’t really
had a dog story yet on my mission. Anyways! We devised a plan (by that
I mean I had an idea and kinda just went for it hoping Elder Galloni
would catch on). He did. We had to find out how long the chain was,
and then pray it didn’t break. I took off running in one direction
along a fence into the corner. Luckily the corner was too far away for
the dog. By the time I was in the corner, Elder Galloni was running on
the other side. The dog kept running back and forth between us until
we eventually got to the backyard. Luckily it wasn’t the smartest dog
I have ever met!!

Oh and we played Bocce Ball with a member this week, and I beat Elder
Galloni. I don’t think the Italian was happy to be beat at his own
game. 😉 Haha it was luck though, because he is normally a lot better.

We helped the Binetti family with some service! Man I love them. I am
actually really happy to see them move to Utah. The ward is distraught
over them leaving, because they all love them. It will be good for
that family though. I will get to see them more often now!

photo photo 1 photo 2

Want to hear something crazy? A recent convert had a prompting that
she should take us and introduce us to her non-member brother! Wow,
alright. We are always up for that. Anyways after knocking on the door
he opened it and…. he didn’t recognize her!!!! They hadn’t seen each
other for over 24 years…!!!! I guess it all started because of pride
and a fight in the family. That was sad.

Anyways, we had a great time at the Bishop’s house yesterday! He had
us over for dinner. His son wanted to play “suicide chess” with me.
The point of the game is to lose all of your pieces before your
opponent. If you have the chance to take your opponents piece, you are
forced to. Turns out I am a pro at “suicide chess”! I guess I have had
too much experience of losing all of my pieces quickly. 🙂 After the
game Bishop asked everyone what they had learned from me. His wife’s
comment struck me, “I learned that the mission can turn a boy into a
man”. We had a good laugh at that because I realized how much of a boy
I really was. I don’t consider myself this amazing man or anything,
but I do have a testimony that the Doctrine of Christ can change us. I
am grateful for that… or else I would be a boy forever!!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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