I’m Immortal!!!

Well I have good news and bad news. It is actually the same news, but
it can be good or bad depending on who you are! Before you read this
you have to promise not to judge me though! Okay here we go… My
companion has been sick the past couple days. Its bad because he is
sick.. but let me tell you why it is good! I have pretty much been
tired my whole mission. Naps aren’t really a missionary thing because
we should always be doing something (D&C 58:27). BUT you can’t do a
whole lot when your companion is trying to recover from an illness! So
the past few days he has been trying to recover by getting extra
sleep, which means I get to get extra sleep too. 🙂 See what I mean?
Good news for me, bad news for him. Is that horrible to say?

Anyways! We had a productive week otherwise! We were teaching a lesson
to a LA members friend. I offended this LA member. He was trying to
tell us that the Catholic Church has the Melch. Priesthood. I got in a
little bit of a heated debate with him (which I shouldn’t have done).
It ended up with me showing scriptures to support my statement, and he
had nothing to say. Even though I was right, I felt wrong. I
immediately humbled myself and apologized to him. We are friends
again, but I learned a lesson. You think by now I would have known

I was on an exchange with one of my favorite new elders! Elder Hussein
from California! He took me to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was delicious.
The have a new flavor called “Korean BBQ”. I highly recommend it. It
was a great exchange. I love getting to know all of the missionaries
that I serve with.

In our zone training meeting one of my other favorite elders gave a
great workshop! Elder Finlinson was talking about the Atonement, and
had a slip of the tongue. It was hilarious. He was trying to say that
we are all imperfect, especially him, but he mixed up a word. He
accidentally yelled out, “I’m Immortal!!!”. Hahahaha it was so funny.
That made my day.

We played basketball on Saturday morning with a 16yr old LA kid and
his two friends. They were pretty good! A lot better than I am. I love
playing basketball though. We are going to start playing every
Saturday morning and getting as many people involved as we can.

There was a theme in our zone training meeting. It was the concept of
Testimony vs. Conversion. It got me thinking. Am I converted to this
gospel? Having a testimony is the easier part. Being converted means
that we actively live the things that we have testimonies of! If we
proclaim that we have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, do
we live our lives according to the revelations that he received? Are
we truly converted? It is something that we should all think about.

Well we are off to another great week. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere
else right now! I love New York, and I love this sacred experience!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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