Maggots to Flies!

Another crazy crazy week in the books!

Last Monday we had such a great P-day. A ton of missionaries drove to
the Plainview chapel to play basketball. It has the biggest court in
the mission. We played for like three and a half hours! It was such a
blast. I saw Elder Adams there! He seems to be doing well.

We went to visit a less active this past week with their home
teachers, and they had some pit bulls. Wow those things are mean. I
wouldn’t know what to do if a pit bull came after me. It was barking
at us, but it ended up being really nice after it realized that I
wasn’t an intruder. Thank heavens I wasn’t…

photo 5

This week we have been pretty darn bold with people. In all of our
lessons we have been straight up with them. There is no more time to
beat around the bush. We can’t waste a minute!!! There were three
people that we were bold with about coming to church, and one of them
actually ended up coming!! It was pretty cool. Although the other two
just didn’t show up… Ahh oh well. We teach correct principles and
let people govern themselves!

I had a pretty fun exchange this week!! I took him to Taco Bell for
lunch. I challenged him to eat six Taco Bell burritos. Ha… He did
it. It was pretty crazy. Taco Bell has a dollar menu now, so all of
our lives are changed forever out here 🙂 Honestly though.. it is
about time they got a dollar menu.

Remember all of those maggots that we thought we killed? Well somehow
we missed some… and they all turned into flies. We came home one
night and our apartment was swarming with flies!!! We spent the night
trying to see who could kill more flies. That night we killed almost
thirty, and since then we have killed over fifty. Haha it was kind of

We carpooled into a big meeting with some elders. One of the Elders
was Elder Cocoa. He danced at Vibe!! With Tynan, and all of those
people. Small world eh? We talked about some people that we both knew.
He was a really cool Elder. There are so many cool people out there to
meet! I love it.

Anyways, I have to get going now. I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

photo 2 photo 1


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