Going Home!

It has been a crazy week! I got transferred back to Terryville! This
is the area that I started my mission in, and I love it. It is great
to be back and see all of my old friends. Sadly, a lot of the families
that I knew moved away. It is still good to be back home. This place
feels like my home. 🙂

My last day in Staten was awesome. We went out with our Ward Mission
Leader on Monday night! He is the coolest guy. We learned a lot of
wise words from him. I made sure to record all of his advice about
life. Haha! Then the next day we woke up and went to transfer meeting!
I found out that I will be companions with Elder Galloni. He is
straight from Italy! He has been on his mission for one more transfer
than I have. It is nice to have some Italian cooking in the house!

One of the coolest experiences is teaching with people that got
baptized when I was here last year. We went teaching with two
different recent converts. It is such a blessing to be able to see how
much they have changed, and how much they have learned! Wow that was a

We had a service project this past week! A member needed help painting
her house that she is moving into. For some reason people take that
talk from Elder Nelson a little too seriously. You know the “Ask the
missionaries they can help you” talk? Yeah. Well I guess she thought
we were professional painters? Anyways, we went over and tried our
best… and honestly I thought it turned out pretty good! Mom’s phrase
came to mind as we were doing it, “You get what you pay for”. Haha! I
don’t think the member was too happy with our painting job.. Ha! We
are going back over tomorrow with some members to try and fix it? I
don’t know.. I can’t seem to win these days.

OH get this. So over the past couple days we have been SO busy. But
when we were in our apartment, Elder Galloni would walk by the fridge
and smell something rotten. He would look in the fridge and behind it,
etc. We could never find the source of the smell. Finally after a few
days we had a minute to check around for the smell. I found a bag of
potatoes on top of a shelf above the fridge… the bag was leaking
with juices. The potatoes were rotting. The worst part? There was
maggots everywhere…!!!! It was disgusting. That was a fun one to
clean up. Do you want to know the really funny part? When we were
first put together as companions Elder Galloni told me that he was
kind of a neat freak and that he doesn’t want a messy companion…
Ironic eh? 🙂

We are teaching quite a bit! It is really nice to be busy. Huge
blessing. I don’t know what else to say! I am really extra tired all
of the time. Who needs sleep these days anyway? Sheesh.. I hope
everyone has a great week! I know I will!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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