Back to the Beach!

Honestly one of the best parts of my week happened on Saturday. We saw
a dog with sunglasses on. Ha! He looked so happy… and so cool. Wow I
am easy to please.

Anyways! We had an eventful weekend. Our Bishop got us a spot in the
“Back to the Beach” celebration down at the beach. Everyone had a
bunch of booths set up, and we had one too! Ours struggled a little
bit… We had a nice little tent, and tried our best to arrange a
display. It wouldn’t have worked at all without the help of the
awesome members here. Especially Bishop and our WML. Wow. They are
great. So we had pictures of the work that we did in Hurricane Sandy
on little easles, and we set up a ping pong toss game for the kids.
Everyone was so amazed that it was free! We gave out about 400 prizes!
It was pretty successful. We were there from 7am-6pm on Saturday, and
10:30am-6pm on Sunday (we took the sacrament and then went to work).
It was pretty brutal! We didn’t really take breaks, but time went by
pretty fast. I got so sunburned. My face looks like I got botox. Oh
and my scalp was burned really bad too, because I just got my hair
cut. Ouch. It was worth it though! It feels good to just work.

photo1 photo2 photo3

We went to the temple on friday with a member who just moved in. He
was living in Nigeria and couldn’t ever make it to the temple until
now. That was cool to go with him. The Manhattan temple is different
because half of the building is used for local meetings. It is a
church! They have a gym and everything. So we were going to go up
there and show him around, and we got to the 3rd floor and right when
we walked out we saw a funeral… awkward. It gets worse. It was a
jewish funeral! They had actually covered up pictures of Jesus for
this thing…. Uhh… I was confused. Haha! New Yorkers just do whatever they want. Its great.
One of our friends who is investigating the church wanted to take all
of the missionaries out to dinner. We went to this super fancy Indian
Restaurant called “Taste of India” It was probably top 5 favorite
meals on my mission. It was so good. I loved it. She is great! I hope
she decides to join the church soon. She would be such a great member.

Anyways, I am sunburned and tired. I am going to take a nap for the
rest of P-day!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my old father!! What a guy..


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