Happy Fourth!!

Well I will start with our mutual activity! We played water balloon
volleyball, and had a huge water fight! We filled up like 200 water
balloons, and they were gone in like two minutes. Ha!! It was a blast
though. The activity days kids were there too. They chased us down…
I ended up on the ground. One of the girls was standing on me
screaming, and then she leaned over whispered “Now you know how my dad
feels ever day”. Hahahaha! Everyone had fun. It is always good for
them to be able to run around after being cooped up in NY all the


photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5

Elder Beazer and I were knocking doors on Wednesday, and there was a
nasty storm coming. We kept knocking anyways, but eventually started
heading back to the car. Right when we got back and opened the car
door we heard the LOUDEST thunder of our lives. We literally jumped in
the car and slammed the door. We were legitimately scared. Ha! Good
times… Then it stormed like crazy. We were looking up people in a
massive storm! Nobody answered, so we got a little wet.

I had an exchange with an elder from Taiwan! We had an awesome day.
There is a new member who moved in from Nigeria, and we went back over
to teach his sister and nephew. It was so great. I wasn’t really sure
what to do with myself… I am not used to that. Ha! We taught a
pretty good lesson, and they committed to read and pray. They even
prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true at the end of the lesson.
Wow. It was powerful. I am just grateful for the Spirit. I wouldn’t be
able to do it by myself.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July!! We were taken care of. Members
fed us lunch and dinner. We were really blessed. I absolutely love the
people here. They just get it, and they do what they are supposed to.
Especially when it isn’t easy for them. We were able to help Bishop
with a service project for a few hours before he fed us dinner. We
weeded and mulched! We spent the rest of the 4th fearlessing at the
ferry!! It was a blast. I was asleep by 10:00 that night, so I didn’t
see any fireworks, but hey.. sleep is way more important at this

photo7 photo8

I will be staying in Staten Island again with Elder Beazer! We have
some unfinished business to do here. We are excited for this next
transfer. I came across a great quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell:

“We can also keep moving. Only the Lord can compare crosses, but all
crosses are easier to carry when we keep moving. Men finally climbed
Mount Everest, not by standing at its base in consuming awe, but by
shouldering their packs and by placing one foot in front of another.
Feet are made to move forward—not backward!”

Well.. Onward, Ever Onward!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!



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