Structural Issues

We had such an epic p-day last week! We played ultimate frisbee at a
park in Brooklyn!! It was such a blast. Then we had a little instant
grill that we brought, and made hot dogs for everyone 🙂 Haha it was
legit. Not sure if it was totally legal… but no harm, no foul right?
I will send pictures of it.

photo 4 photo 5

We had fun at our weekly service project! We were at Snug Harbor. It
was blazing hot, and we were surrounded by my favorite insects…
bees. We had to clear some brush out around this worn down stage. They
warned us about the bees, and one of the elders started swinging the
tools to clear the brush.. he got swarmed by wasps! Ha… I ran away.
He got stung three times. We stayed away from that area. Then we had to
take this old stage apart, piece by piece. We were all sweating
bullets, but got a decent amount of work done.

Sadly, I totally forgot about Pioneer Day.. It isn’t that big out here
in New York! I hope ya’ll had a good time celebrating it though.

Our wonderful landlords took us out to dinner! We watched the house
for them while they were gone, and they wanted to take us out to eat!
It was delicious. I haven’t had salmon in a long time. It was a great
experience because we talked about our beliefs, and they asked a lot
of questions. Members used to live above them so they are having some
good contact with the church! It is fun being a missionary!!

Our church building got temporarily shut down… it has something to do with
how it is built? This type of building has to be inspected every so
often for something. Anyways, our building passed inspection so we
thought we were good. Then there was another building somewhere that
also passed, but it actually collapsed (nobody was in the building at
the time)… SO the Presiding Bishopric said that any building
(whether or not they passed inspection) had to be shut down until
professionals could come in. Well we found all of this out mid week.
It was really unfortunate because some members had already set up and
decorated the gym for Sri Lankan night.. And since the chapel and gym
had to be shut down, we couldn’t do it in there! There was some panic,
but Bishop got us some tents outside and we had our party out there!!
It turned out really great. I think it looked better outside anyways.


photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

We met a ton of non-members! The Sri Lankans are such great people. We
went around to all of the Subways to invite the Sri Lankans (they all
work at Subway.. haha) before the party. One of the guys that we
invited came!! Turns out, he had an old pass-a-long card in his
wallet. Three years old. Missionaries had met with him before!!!
Miracle. We got his phone number. Crazy. We met a lot of other really
good people there!

Our church attendance took a big hit because we had it in a different
building at a different time… only 57 people. Ouch. There was a
baptism afterwards though!! It was great.

OH and we found two new investigators!! Knocking doors actually did
the trick. That is the first time my whole mission. Sheesh. They are
awesome though. We are going back next week. Miracles all over the

Well there is more, but I have to go for now. After my mission ask me
about what some of the people were saying at the Sri Lankan party. I
wrote it in my journal… hahaha! There are some colorful people here
in New York!! Gotta love it!

Quick thought. With all of the drama about our building’s structural
issues, it got me thinking. Do we have structural issues in our lives?
Are we built on the foundation that we are supposed to be built on? If
we are not rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we run the risk of
our lives collapsing! It is easier to strengthen your foundation now,
rather than worrying about costly repairs later!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

Do you want a free book?

Another week of the mish in the books!!! It was a good one. Imagine that, huh?

We are trying to get better at following the Spirit, and we did a
little better this past week! There were a couple of cool experiences
that happened. Last Monday night we were trying to visit  some former
investigators, and they weren’t home… but we saw a guy standing on
the porch next to us. We looked at each other and we both said “I feel
like we should talk to him”. Well then, okay! We looked back at him,
and… he was walking away getting in his car. It is usually awkward
to chase people down, but we figured we would do it anyway. 🙂 So we
went up to his car and asked him, “Do you want a free book?” (I never
know what to say, so I just kinda go with it haha). He actually said
yes. So that was cool! We testified to him, and he said we could come
back!! He hasn’t been home yet, but it was still cool! Then we were
driving to a Less Actives house and I saw this guy on the side of the
road sitting on the curb. I felt like we should talk to him, but I
said… “That is awkward, better not”. We kept driving, and then I
pulled over. We walked over (having no idea how to approach him) and
just started talking. He was not into religion at all… but it wasn’t
too bad! We are trying to find those people, but we gotta keep

I went on exchanges with Elder Tingey! He was my first companion, and
so it was fun to be back with him. We talked about all of the good
times that we had!! It was a blast from the past. It is crazy that we
were companions over a year ago.. time flies!! OH we were walking by
Mcdonalds and there was a person begging for money. (A little side
note, if you ever decide to beg for money DON’T SMOKE WHILE YOU DO IT!
Or smell like alcohol) I reached in my pocket for change.. and I had a
penny. I figured that I wouldn’t need it, and if he really needed
money that he would treasure it. I gave it to him and kept walking.
Elder Tingey looked back and saw him stare at it and chuck it hahaha.
When we walked by again I tried to find the penny to pick up and give
to him and say, “You dropped this” 🙂 I couldn’t find it though…

We were on our way to visit a member who just moved in from Nigeria
(he recently went to the temple with us for the very first time… it
was amazing). As we were walking to his house, we saw these three moms
standing outside with their kids. I get a little excited anytime I see
a family, so I was trying to figure out what to say to them. We
weren’t even 20 yds away from them when they noticed us… they all
started hurrying their children inside like we had a weapon on us!
They were yelling “Hurry, it is the Witnesses!!”. I thought I should
at least correct them so I yelled “We are Mormons!”. The lady scowled
at me (I am not sure the mormon thing helped at alll haha) and ran
inside, slammed and locked the door. WOW! Haha we just laughed,
because that is all you can do sometimes. It was funny though because
just two minutes before that we were talking about how nice Utah is
because people actually say hi, and respond to your friendly gestures.
Gotta love me some NYC!!

We met a guy at Target who was nice at first. Then he just tried to
attack our faith. I am sick of it. Haha… I probably shouldn’t be,
but defending the faith every day is not an easy task! I miss being
surrounded by people who believe the same things as me. BUT I can’t
complain, because Heavenly Father needs me here right now. This guy
gave us his number and begged us to come to his church… I just felt
so sick inside. We were nice, but we aren’t going to meet with him. I
am sure he thinks he is doing something good, but I don’t like being
around contention.

Well here is something to ponder for the week: “Material treasures of
earth are merely to provide, as it were, room and board while we are
here at school”. Are we putting too much time and attention into
material things, and not enough time into people who need our help?
Food for thought.

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

Back to the Beach!

Honestly one of the best parts of my week happened on Saturday. We saw
a dog with sunglasses on. Ha! He looked so happy… and so cool. Wow I
am easy to please.

Anyways! We had an eventful weekend. Our Bishop got us a spot in the
“Back to the Beach” celebration down at the beach. Everyone had a
bunch of booths set up, and we had one too! Ours struggled a little
bit… We had a nice little tent, and tried our best to arrange a
display. It wouldn’t have worked at all without the help of the
awesome members here. Especially Bishop and our WML. Wow. They are
great. So we had pictures of the work that we did in Hurricane Sandy
on little easles, and we set up a ping pong toss game for the kids.
Everyone was so amazed that it was free! We gave out about 400 prizes!
It was pretty successful. We were there from 7am-6pm on Saturday, and
10:30am-6pm on Sunday (we took the sacrament and then went to work).
It was pretty brutal! We didn’t really take breaks, but time went by
pretty fast. I got so sunburned. My face looks like I got botox. Oh
and my scalp was burned really bad too, because I just got my hair
cut. Ouch. It was worth it though! It feels good to just work.

photo1 photo2 photo3

We went to the temple on friday with a member who just moved in. He
was living in Nigeria and couldn’t ever make it to the temple until
now. That was cool to go with him. The Manhattan temple is different
because half of the building is used for local meetings. It is a
church! They have a gym and everything. So we were going to go up
there and show him around, and we got to the 3rd floor and right when
we walked out we saw a funeral… awkward. It gets worse. It was a
jewish funeral! They had actually covered up pictures of Jesus for
this thing…. Uhh… I was confused. Haha! New Yorkers just do whatever they want. Its great.
One of our friends who is investigating the church wanted to take all
of the missionaries out to dinner. We went to this super fancy Indian
Restaurant called “Taste of India” It was probably top 5 favorite
meals on my mission. It was so good. I loved it. She is great! I hope
she decides to join the church soon. She would be such a great member.

Anyways, I am sunburned and tired. I am going to take a nap for the
rest of P-day!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my old father!! What a guy..

Happy Fourth!!

Well I will start with our mutual activity! We played water balloon
volleyball, and had a huge water fight! We filled up like 200 water
balloons, and they were gone in like two minutes. Ha!! It was a blast
though. The activity days kids were there too. They chased us down…
I ended up on the ground. One of the girls was standing on me
screaming, and then she leaned over whispered “Now you know how my dad
feels ever day”. Hahahaha! Everyone had fun. It is always good for
them to be able to run around after being cooped up in NY all the


photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5

Elder Beazer and I were knocking doors on Wednesday, and there was a
nasty storm coming. We kept knocking anyways, but eventually started
heading back to the car. Right when we got back and opened the car
door we heard the LOUDEST thunder of our lives. We literally jumped in
the car and slammed the door. We were legitimately scared. Ha! Good
times… Then it stormed like crazy. We were looking up people in a
massive storm! Nobody answered, so we got a little wet.

I had an exchange with an elder from Taiwan! We had an awesome day.
There is a new member who moved in from Nigeria, and we went back over
to teach his sister and nephew. It was so great. I wasn’t really sure
what to do with myself… I am not used to that. Ha! We taught a
pretty good lesson, and they committed to read and pray. They even
prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true at the end of the lesson.
Wow. It was powerful. I am just grateful for the Spirit. I wouldn’t be
able to do it by myself.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July!! We were taken care of. Members
fed us lunch and dinner. We were really blessed. I absolutely love the
people here. They just get it, and they do what they are supposed to.
Especially when it isn’t easy for them. We were able to help Bishop
with a service project for a few hours before he fed us dinner. We
weeded and mulched! We spent the rest of the 4th fearlessing at the
ferry!! It was a blast. I was asleep by 10:00 that night, so I didn’t
see any fireworks, but hey.. sleep is way more important at this

photo7 photo8

I will be staying in Staten Island again with Elder Beazer! We have
some unfinished business to do here. We are excited for this next
transfer. I came across a great quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell:

“We can also keep moving. Only the Lord can compare crosses, but all
crosses are easier to carry when we keep moving. Men finally climbed
Mount Everest, not by standing at its base in consuming awe, but by
shouldering their packs and by placing one foot in front of another.
Feet are made to move forward—not backward!”

Well.. Onward, Ever Onward!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!