I Am Running Out of Creative Titles…..

We saw some deer this week!!!! In NYC! Haha we were freaking out when
we saw them. There is like a super miniature forest across from our
house. Right next to the freeway.. haha it is kinda sad, but hey!
Trees are trees. Even a little bit of nature is better than none. So
we saw those deer over there as we drove by.

Ready for a funny story? So we had planned to go board the Staten
Island Ferry to fearless people. We get on, and I felt prompted to sit
at this specific seat. I sit down, and Elder Beazer sat behind me on
the other row so we could talk to more people. People kept passing us
(nobody wanted to sit by religious people, imagine that!) and so I
turned to Elder Beazer and he was saying that with all of these people
he was hoping to meet some members or something. He told me that he
had never met random members while he was out proselyting. After he
said that I turned around… literally within 15-20 seconds this
family walks over to me and says, “Lets sit over here by the Elder!”.
Turns out they were members visiting from Utah. HA! Prayers are
answered. We talked to them for a little while, and gave them some
pass-along cards to hand out while they were here. I thought that was
pretty cool.

We made homemade pizza with the YM for mutual! It was at Bishop’s
house. It was really good. We are having a lot of fun working with the

Service was filthy this week!!! They had put in a bunch of gravel in
our hole that we dug. It rained, and the hole wasn’t deep enough… so
we had to remove all of the gravel they put in, and take out like 4-5
more inches of dirt… There was mud and stuff everywhere. It was
pretty fun 🙂
Well I am always learning something new! A lot of people out here
believe that they will be saved by grace and not have to actually do
anything. Well they are kind of right… We are saved by grace after
ALL we can do (2 Nephi 25:23). I came across a scripture in James 2:19
that basically says “Great job for believing, but hey that’s not
enough! Even the devils believe that God is God”. If salvation was
really determined by confessing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,
then even demons would gain salvation (which is clearly not true). We
see an evil spirit actually doing this in Mark 1:24. Obviously James
was right when he said “Faith without works is DEAD” (James 2:26).
Just some cool food for thought. Faith is important, but without
obedience (works) to God’s commandments, we could never prove that we
love Him (John 14:15)! (See also Matthew 7:21)

Life is hard. Life is good. That is the way it was supposed to be!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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