Elder Beazer Takes Flight

Wow. What a week!!! I really mean it when I say that. It was quite the week.

Our weekly service project was the same thing as the week before. We
did some touch up on our massive hole that we dug. It was so hot. I
was dripping in sweat, and I got a nice sunburn! The sunburn mainly
came from mowing that lawn again! We try to mow it every two weeks for
her. She has actually been coming back to church recently!! She is
great. (Oh by the way, getting a sunburn on your neck plus wearing a
white shirt all of the time, isn’t the best combo! Ha!)


Then we had some training from President Calderwood and the assistants
about Online Proselyting. They made it really fun. We played
Jeopardy!! They even put on mustaches like Alex T. Hahaha it was a

Saturday was awesome because we got the chance to work with some ward
members! We went out and looked up different people basically all day
with members. The young mens president and the Teachers quorum pres
came out with us to reach out to LA youth. We had a lot of fun. It has
been great to be able to participate in the youth program. We are
trying to help all of the young men get their Duty to God, and then go
on a mission! That is the goal. Luckily we have Facebook, and we can
keep in touch with all of them and help them get there even after we

We knocked on a door and guess what was inside? A family! They were
super cool, and they told us to come back later to share a message and
talk about religion with them. We are excited for that. Also at church
a man came in who was just baptized in Africa! He is such a solid
member. He googled the church and found his way here. He is pure in
heart, and we are going to take him to the temple after he receives
the Priesthood! Miracles are happening all over the place.

Here is the funny experience of the week! We were going to the
hospital to see a member who is going through chemotherapy. On the way
in, we noticed a bunch of wild turkeys (random right?). We pull into
the parking lot and there is just a turkey chilling in the bush. We
kind of chuckled and kept walking. Then we hear some chirping. We look
over and see a little baby turkey trying to climb up the curb. Elder
Beazer goes over to help the poor thing up, and as he is approaching
the baby I see the Momma turkey getting anxious. As soon as he bends
over to help the baby, the Momma turkey spreads her wings and FLIES
after him. He takes off running!! This turkey just started chasing him
and tried to attack him. Luckily the turkey gave up, and only pride
was hurt that day. I could not stop laughing though. I will never
forget his face. Ha!! Its okay though because that night I tripped
down some cement steps carrying a crate of food and spilled it
everywhere… Karma eh?

The highlight of the week was having Elder S. Gifford Nielsen come for
a mission tour! We had an amazing conference yesterday. I learned so
many things! He talked about a variety of things that I have written
down, but I wanted to focus on one today. They split up the Elders and
Sisters for this part. Elder Nielsen talked to us about how our
missions are meant to help us become the BEST fathers and eternal
companions ever. It was crazy to realize that. A mission isn’t just
something that you do when you are 18 or 19. It is meant to change
you. To turn you into a person who can lead a family. I am grateful
that my dad chose to serve a mission! He has been one of my heroes
throughout my life. I have been blessed to be his son. I know that is
true because I have seen the other kinds of dads out here in the
world. My dad is awesome (even if he laughs at his own jokes:)
Ultimately I am grateful to have a perfect Father in Heaven. I love
him. I try to live my life every day to make Him proud. Although I
make many mistakes, Heavenly Father will always welcome us back into
His arms if we utilize the Atonement of His Son. During Father’s Day
this week, take a minute to show some appreciation towards your
earthly father, but take even more time to talk WITH your Father in
Heaven. That (in my opinion) is one of the greatest gifts you could
give Him.

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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