Partying, Partying, Yeah!

Too many things happened last week. I will try to sum it all up!

Well I got a new companion! Elder Beazer. He is great! We hit the
ground running this past week. It started off with us having to clean
out our apartment… We started carrying all of our stuff upstairs (to
the other elders apartment who live above us, because we would have to
live with them until our new apartment opens up). We carried dressers,
supplies, clothes, etc. We thought we had to be out by the end of May
so we were trying to get it all done! We call the guy in charge to
clarify what is going on, and we got a little surprise! He said we
didn’t have to be out until next month! So we had to go upstairs and
bring all of our stuff back down. We went to a meeting the next day,
and on the way home we got a call from Elder Tingey in the office. He
was telling us that we actually had to be out of our apartment by the
end of May. Ahh… we had to take EVERYTHING upstairs. Every last
thing that was in that apartment had to be moved and cleaned. We had
to finish it by Saturday night so we spent the whole entire day
cleaning. It was a long day, but we managed to do it. Life lesson?
Communication is key. Haha…

Our weekly service project was pretty fun! We had to dig out a trench
in the backyard of a home.  It was supposed to be six feet wide, and
one foot across. It was about eighteen feet long.. it was  quite the
project! We managed to do it all in two hours though! I didn’t notice
until near the end, but I got some pretty gnarly blisters on my hands.

We were looking up some people who Bishop had asked us to when we met
this lady. At first she tried to slam the door, but we managed to
start talking to her. Basically we just asked her a question or two
and she started telling us her life story. She had been baptized about
twenty years ago with her six sons. The missionaries always came over,
even for Christmas. Then her missionaries went home… her oldest son
who originally wanted to be a missionary started going down the wrong
path. She tried to reach out to her missionaries, but they left her
obviously. She tried to reach out to the church but nobody helped her
(the story seemed pretty one-sided, but I am sure there was some truth
in there). Anyways. To make a long story short. She gave up on trying
to get all of her kids to church as a single mother and started to
make some not so smart decisions in life. She stopped living the
Doctrine of Christ and now she is not happy. We listened to her, and
tried to at least let her know that we felt bad for her. She promised
us that it was beyond repair, but we are going to go back and see how
she is doing.. It is important that these Recent Converts have strong
friends in the church!!!!!! I gained a stronger testimony about that.

Chino bakes are delicious. They are basically just bread with filling.
Sometimes meat or vanilla pudding stuff. We get them in Dyker Heights
when we have to go for meetings! They are everywhere and really cheap.
A missionary’s favorite! Speaking of which. I am gaining weight. We
have too many things to worry about, and a lot of time we only have
time to eat really bad food. But hey! At least it tastes good. One of
these days we will have to do better with our eating. Ahh… so many
THINGS to do. It is great.

Lastly, we went to a party last night! No really, we did. It went from
7pm-12am. We didn’t stay the whole time, but we stayed out pretty
late. Are you wondering what we were doing?! Well the family that is
investigating right now had a special party. It was in honor of the
“Sweet Mothers of Staten Island”. Basically a night to celebrate all
of the Liberian mothers on Staten. It was great. Our mission president
gave us permission to go and support them. We ate some good food, and
tried to talk to our table about the church.. they weren’t interested.
Turns out they were all either pastors themselves, or married to a
pastor… That is NY for you! We still had a great time. The family
really appreciated our support.

Well this is too long, and I have a nap to take. Just to wrap it up,
President Calderwood spoke some wise words in transfer meeting this
past week. He said “If you are willing to do hard things in life, you
will be successful”. I know that is true!! Success comes from hard
work. He also said, “If you serve (or do anything) for a pat on the
back, that is the ONLY reward you will get”. Pretty intense, but it is
true. God doesn’t want us to flaunt our ‘service’ around. Do things
because you really mean it, and don’t seek recognition. That is the
two cents of the week. He is a wise man!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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