(Life’s) Mess of Pottage

Last P-day we played a great game of Uno! It was a blast. We are going
to play again today 🙂 Most people wonder why I haven’t been to the
Statue of Liberty, or other historic sites, yet. I am usually too
tired by the time P-day rolls around to go on a quest like that. So I
find myself wanting to relax. Brooke Lopshire is in town! It is ship
week or something for the Navy in New York. She got ahold of the
missionaries and offered to give us a tour of the ship… Which would
have been awesome, but we can’t have visitors from home :/ That is
okay though! It was nice of her to offer. Uno will have to suffice for
this p-day!

Anyways last Monday we visited with the chess guy again! He actually
fed us dinner this time. I got the chance to play him in chess, but I
got whipped. Ha! He is already coming to church next Sunday, so I
guess there was no divine intervention on my chess game… We got to
hold his pet snake though! And I took a picture of his lizard that
doesn’t have any hands or feet. I will make sure to email those today.

lizard snake snake2

We had a great ward correlation.. one of the best that I have been to!
Our new WML is the man. He turned it up in ward council and challenged
everyone in there to have a referral to give to the missionaries by
the end of June. I felt the Spirit so strongly in that room! It is
amazing the difference that one person can make.

Oh did I mention that we have been “issued the responsibility” of
young mens counselors in the presidency? We can’t actually be set
apart, but we are responsible for everything that they normally would
do. That has been one of our focuses. We are trying to visit every Less Active
young man and his family to see if he will at least come out to mutual
with us on Tuesday. We have only been to mutual once, but it was
pretty fun! I had my cleats in the car and they were playing football
so I had my cleats on with my white shirt, tie, and slacks. Ha! I am
excited for it in the future. Elder Finlinson is going to make a great
Young Men’s President one day.

Speaking of my companion! I will be getting a new one tomorrow. Elder
Finlinson is leaving Staten Island. We have had a lot of great times
after being together for a total of six months! He is one of my best
friends out here, and I will definitely hang out with him after the

Alright. SO we had the best service project ever last week! We had our
regular weekly service project with All Hands, and it was the best one
yet. They showed us a driveway of concrete, gave us some sledge
hammers and basically said “This has to be gone before you leave”. We
tore it up. We were having so much fun smashing the concrete! The 8lb
hammers were good, but then they broke out ‘El Gordo’ the 12lb hammer.
It was a great workout, and we got it all done before we left! I will
send some pictures of that too.

052614 0526141 service

Then we had back to back exchanges. I was in Brooklyn for two days
straight! In one day I taught lessons in four different languages..
Spanish, English, Cantonese, and Mandarin! The Chinese exchange was my
favorite. I can’t even comprehend the language, but it was fun to feel
the Spirit in the lessons. I helped teach their advanced english
class. It was just basically me standing in front of the class telling
them about my life, and having them ask questions in broken english.
It was one of my favorite parts. The Chinese Branch actually had three
baptisms yesterday! I love those people. OH we had a recent convert
and an INVESTIGATOR help us teach a new investigator. He was one of
the ones who got baptized yesterday. I have never taught a lesson with
an ‘investigator present’ before. Work is Hastening! Also, I stood on
the corner yelling some Chinese phrases that I learned for a finding
activity. I thought I was in China. All of the people were so confused
at why two white guys were speaking Chinese. Haha!

Bishop Glick took all of the missionaries out to Dim Sum before
transfers. We had chicken feet, duck feet, etc. Most of it was really
good food…. but every once in a while you came across something that
you didn’t feel like trying again 🙂 It was really nice of Bishop to
take us out. It was a Cantonese restaurant. Chinese people just walked
around with carts of food, and if you wanted something you pointed at
it. Every plate you took they would make a mark of it on your check
and then you just pay for it at the end. It was awesome.

We got the chance to skype a recent convert who moved upstate to see how he was
doing. We taught him about grace. He is doing good though! It is
always good to hear converts staying active in the church.

Wow. Anyways! I had a little more time this week to tell you about my
adventures! I wish I could fit all of it in one email, but too many
miracles and blessings happen to do that! I learned something pretty
insightful this week. I was pondering about the story of Jacob and
Esau’s life. I could not wrap my head around why Esau would give up
his birthright for a mess of pottage. It just didn’t make sense to me!
How could you give up something so great. So promising. For something
so minuscule in comparison, that you wanted in the moment. Then it hit
me. Everyone does this all of the time! Every time we sin! We have a
divine birthright. We have potential to become like, and live with God
again. Yet we find ourselves doing things that jeopardize that
privilege. Are you going to give up your divine birthright for a mess
of pottage? (don’t do it.. pottage isn’t that good anyways!!)

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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