Pep Boys Really Does Everything!

It was awesome to be able to talk to my parents yesterday! I have the best parents in the world. It was a good way to finish off the week. 

We ha d a pretty amazing week! We saw a miracle happen at pep boys.. of all places! We came out to our car on Tuesday and found a ticket.. Ahh! Another one. The ticket was for expired inspection.. so we immediately drove into Pep Boys. They took our car and told us to wait for a little while. We sat down in the waiting area by ourselves. Now this next part may not seem like a miracle to you, but it definitely was for us! A man came into the waiting area and started a conversation with us!!!!!!! Holy Cow. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Anyways. This guy lives on Staten Island and works in Jersey as a social studies teacher. He has always been fascinated with the history of religion! We talked to him about our history, and invited him to learn more… and he said he might be interested! He told us he would stop by the church one of these days. It is too bad we couldn’t get his information, but it was just a big blessing to be able to have a conversation with someone! Oh the miracles don’t stop there. A lady also came into the waiting room and we talked to her about Family History. She was really big into that. We gave her all of the information to come check out the family history library at the church!! Miracles. 

I never thought I would savor an experience where we just had a pleasant conversation with someone! Oh well, I appreciate it a lot more now. 

I was on an exchange with Elder Durney on Friday! We had enough time to look up one more media referral. We headed down there and found the address. We knocked on the door and this lady answered. She was covered in tattoos, and I was a little worried that I might get an earful. Turns out, she was one of the nicest ladies I have talked to in weeks! (Don’t judge a book by its cover!) At first she told us this guy wasn’t home, but we explained who we were and she said “Hold on, let me go get him”. We waited for about five minutes and she came back and told us that he was asleep and would be right out. We kept waiting.. until finally this guy comes to the door! He asked us if we were waiting for John, and we said yes! He told us to keep waiting and slammed the door. We figured that he was probably our guy… but we were persistent. We waited about five more minutes, and knocked again. Anyways this whole little charade took about 20 minutes on a porch. Sometimes you have to be persistent as a missionary!! 

Anyways! I am still learning a lot of valuable lessons out here. I loved the book of Omni in the Book of Mormon! It talks about Mosiah who travels with his people (including his son Benjamin who would later become king). They eventually run into the Mulekites who had come over at a different time than their people. Mosiah finds these people bloodthirsty, wicked, and denying the very existence of God. It amazes him because they came across (roughly) around the same time, from the same place. Yet these two groups of people turned out to be so different! What was the difference? Well it was scriptures. The Mulekites didn’t bring any records with them. Mosiah and his people studied the Brass plates and the teachings of Nephi, Jacob, etc. Because they studied the scriptures and applied it they led much happier, righteous lives! In just four hundred years without scriptures the whole entire people of Mulek dwindled. That just blows me away! I have a huge testimony of scripture study. It is important to read and apply those teachings every single day! Beware, lest you turn out like Mulek and his people. We can see that happening in the world around us…

That is just a little insight from my studies this past week! Here is to another week!

Elder Lee

Come what may, and Love it!


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