Red Alert!

Another week has come and gone!! 

I was pretty sick this past week. There is some kind of virus going around, and it was not fun. I spent the day trying not to perish. Ha! I recovered pretty quickly. I have a new found testimony of Priesthood Blessings. I am grateful for the Elders I serve with out here!
We helped out with our weekly service project! Every Wednesday we do service for an organization called “All Hands”. We are still helping people recover from Superstorm Sandy. We basically do whatever they need us to in these houses to help them get back into shape! We have framed, sheet rocked, etc. It is a lot of fun to be able to help out!
There was a Missionary pad that was blinded out in the zone this transfer. One of the Sisters left something in there and asked us to swing by and pick it up for her. We went over to get the stuff for her (because nobody is living there temporarily). She warned us that there was an alarm at the door, but let us know how to shut it off. So we  thought “Sweet, easy enough!” Yeah, we were wrong. We get to this place and as soon as we opened the door out on the street this LOUD alarm starts going off. It scared me so bad! So I fumble with the keys to open the SECOND door in there. There was only one problem. There was about 4 keys on this key chain that I had never used before, and the door closed behind us.. leaving us in the pitch black. I had no idea what was going on! The alarm was only getting louder and I couldn’t get through the  door! Finally we got through and shut off the alarm just in time. It was well worth the effort! There was still a bunch of food and treasures in their pad that we took (with their permission of course). Nobody was living there, so we figured we could put all of that stuff to good use! I mean come on.. you can’t pass up on free toilet paper. It can’t be done!
The rest of the week we had some meetings! Stake Conference was great. It was in the Marriot Hotel by the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a great meeting! I always love to hear President and Sister Calderwood speak in those meetings.
Our days are mainly full of trying to find those people who have fallen away, and those people who are seeking the truth! There are people out there waiting for us all to be answers to their personal prayers. If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will!! Happy “Hastening”!!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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