Because of Him

I hope you had a great Easter!! We had a pretty exciting week. 🙂

It started on Monday!! We tried to celebrate Passover… it was
interesting. We had some lambs, bitter herbs, unleavened bread, etc.
After it was all ready we stood around the table and went over the
symbolism of it all. We made sure to have our shoes on so we could
leave at a moments notice. It seems like a great tradition right? Well
the bitter herb was… BITTER. We had green onions and just ate those
raw. It did remind us of the bitterness of slavery, that is for sure.
It did its job. Ha! Then we ate the lamb… which was so greasy. It
was not very good quality. We then chugged the grape juice, and
decided to just munch on the unleavened bread! We got the bread from a
Jewish member here. The bread was straight from Israel.. and kosher.
🙂 Anyways we came to the conclusion that it was a once in a lifetime
celebration… and I was still hungry afterwards. SO I heated up some
pork and had a glass of milk. If you know anything about Jewish law
you will know why that is funny. Haha!


Then we had transfer meeting on Tuesday!!! I will be staying in Staten
Island of course, and I am fine with that! There is still a lot of
work left for me to do here. It was so hot at transfer meeting. Our
whole mission came to this one because everything got re-aligned. The
Lynbrook District became a Stake! It was the last one on the
continental U.S. and it is no longer. We now have four stakes in the
mission. The work is hastening! Because of that there was two more
zones created.. the mission is growing like crazy. It was a historic
meeting that we went to, and it even got a little sweaty in that room.
Everyone was ‘shining’. I think Yoshi took a picture of me after that
meeting, so you can see how much I was ‘glowing’ ha! I am excited for
the future of this mission though. 🙂

transfer meeting 1


transfer meeting2

We spent the rest of the week inviting investigators and less actives
to the Easter party that the ward was having on Saturday! The party
was great. I ate way too much food… I just can’t pass up free food.
But I did eat a little too much… it was delicious though. Then there
was Easter egg hunts for all ages. The adult one was pretty fun. You
went and found eggs, and depending on the egg you would get different
prizes. It was fun. We finally met Bro Garcia there! He was a member
that moved in from Far Rockaway. It was a miracle. The ward really
needs fully active members out here.

I loved the #BecauseofHim thing the church did all week. It was
amazing to see Facebook covered with uplifting things. Ever since I
have been on my mission I have come to know one thing… That I don’t
know very many things. One thing I do know is that Jesus Christ lives.
We have the opportunity to live with our Father in Heaven again, and
it is all because of our Savior. I may not know very many other
things, and as long as I know that simple truth.. I am okay with that.

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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