The Book of Hosea!!!

First of all.. I would not recommend driving in New York City. To
anyone. It is insane! We were driving the other day and on one side
was as huge semi truck, on the other side was a bicyclist, in front of
us was a car that just double parked because the wanted to, further
down the road somebody was trying to do a u-turn in a small lane, PLUS
the pedestrians that just walk across the street whenever they feel
like it. It is crazy. I hope the image that have in your mind does
that situation justice!!! It’s a mad world out here. Ha!

It was a great week! I was able to go back into the city for a day on
exchanges. We had a blast. We met a guy walking his pug and started
talking to him. Turns out he works with a member of the church!!!!!
That member was in the spanish ward where I was exchanging!
Coincidence? I think not. He said he had already been invited to
church, and wasn’t interested right now. Right after that we went to
the members house who knew this guy and thanked him for being a great
member. It was a cool experience.

Saturday was a highlight for us!! There are some Filipino families in
the ward that are great. One of the daughters had her birthday and so
they threw her a party. A party it was!! It was outside on the grass
behind the church. There were tents set up, face painting, magicians,
etc. The food was the best part. They had a whole pig. It was all so
good. It was themed “Despicable Me”. Haha I will send you the picture
that we took in our party hats. It was great! Of course the most
important part, we were able to talk to tons of people! We made some
new friends, and passed out some cards. Nobody was interested quite
yet, but hey! We tried. It was a fun time!! They have these Filipino
Spring rolls that are so good… plus this dish called “Pancit”. It is
to die for.



We had a super powerful lesson with a lady who has been coming to
church for a while now! A member sat in with us, and it was so
spiritual. This lady said she would pray about getting baptized on
Mother’s Day!!! She has the cutest son too. I am really happy for

Recently we have been studying the book of Hosea for companionship
study. The book is rich in symbolism! It uses marriage a lot as an
example. It gives the parallel of Jehovah being the Husband to His
bride Israel compared to Hosea being commanded to marry a harlot named
Gomer (we aren’t exactly sure if he was actually married to gomer or
what the deal is, but it really gets the point across!). Anyways.
Anytime it refers to the bride committing adultery it is talking about
how Israel is ‘cheating’ on The Lord with their idolatrous ways.
Idolatry is a very serious sin, and is out there today! It got me
thinking.. Where are my priorities? Am I ‘cheating’ on The Lord by
putting other things before Him? It is something I think we all need
to ponder. There are great lessons to be learned from the Old
Testament. 🙂

Oh Dang! I was going to tell you all about Passover and how we are
going to celebrate it tonight.. I will let you know how it goes next

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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