The Key to Happiness

It has been another busy week here on Staten Island! Always a good one
though! We spent a lot of time looking up some names for Bishop. Want
to know a fun fact? Well, years ago all of the wards did some cleaning
up of their records. They checked on a bunch of people and if they
didn’t live there… they shipped their records of to Salt Lake. Well
now there are TONS of records in this “black hole” and Salt Lake is
starting to ship back 25-50 names per quarter for the ward to double
check on. So that is our main priority right now. Seems mundane, but
it is the best way we can help the ward right now! I don’t mind, I
just love serving them. Our Bishop is great. He is actually in one of
the Bible Videos.

Anyways, there is an awesome Liberian family that we are teaching!
They are so cool. We are going over there tonight with a member to
help them understand the importance of FHE. It should be pretty sweet.
We are excited for them! Oh and our Sri Lankan friend had to have his
baptismal date pushed back a week. We felt like that was right. He is
going to be a solid member!!

We also had a zone meeting on Friday! It went pretty well. I was asked
to give a workshop. I talked about “The Key to Happiness”. I am
actually going to send home the follow-a-long that I created for
everyone else. It has a bunch of scriptures and quotes that I used.
Maybe you can learn something! It was more directed to missionaries,
but you can still learn from it. The main point was about obedience.
Obedience really is the key to our happiness. Not only in this life,
but in the life to come. If you can’t learn to be obedient to the
“little things” here, what makes you think you will one day be able to
handle the higher laws that govern Heaven? It would do us all some
good to take a “self-inventory” and look for ways we can improve.
Maybe we can do better to keep the Sabbath Day Holy? Is there a better
way we can honor our parents? We may not find perfection in this life,
but we certainly must participate in progression if we hope to return
to live with God again. Our eternal life is earned in the seemingly
mundane daily decisions we make.

Just some food for thought!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

31714-4 31714-7

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