The (Not So) lonely Island!

Greetings from Staten Island!! I was transferred to my third area this
past week. I will miss Brooklyn and all of the great people I met
there, but it is time to move on!! I was thinking about my mission
history and guess what? This is my third area and I am on my 6th
companion! Oh and did I mention that I am companions with Elder
Finlinson again? 🙂 We were stoked. I never thought that would happen,
but I am not complaining!!

It has been a crazy week. Staten is pretty much just a mix between
Brooklyn and Long Island. I like it out here! We spent some time
getting to know the members of the ward. They are all awesome people.
I love the ward already.

We had two lessons with one of their investigators! Raneesha. He is
from Sri Lanka! He is going to be baptized this month and we are doing
our best to help prepare him for it. We had a sweet lesson about
honoring the sabbath day, which turned into us teaching him about home
teaching. He seemed to be pretty excited about it. We are trying our
best to help these converts stay active after they are baptized..

I learned something that I am trying to apply lately.. When Adam and
Eve were in the Garden of Eden God gave them some commandments. in
Genesis 2:16-17 God said “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest
FREELY eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou
shalt not eat of it”. He showed them all of the great things they
could have. The whole garden was theirs! Except for the one tree. What
is the big deal with one tree though? They had a huge garden for
themselves!! Then we have satan who came in saying “Yea, hath God
said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”. Satan changed
their perspective. They no longer were thinking about all of the
amazing things that God had provided for them, but thought only of the
one thing he asked them not to do. I have seen myself doing that
sometimes with the commandments! I feel like we all do it. Sometimes
we get too focused on the things God asks us NOT to do, and we
completely miss the amazing things that we could be doing in stead of
complaining. My advice for the week? Don’t focus on the one tree you
are “missing out on”, when you have a garden full of blessings waiting
for you!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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