The Journey Continues….

Well this past week we had a Jewish guy bite his thumb at us.. that
was a first! If you don’t know the significance of that, you can
research it. Ha! It was a great week though! I am getting transferred
to a new area tomorrow, and I enjoyed my last week serving in

Do you remember Mike? He is a recent convert from my last area. We
have skyped him a few times to help him prepare himself for the
Melchizedek priesthood!!! How amazing is that? I am really excited for

One of the highlights of the week happened with Adam! Our investigator
is moving to Arizona, and he had all of the missionaries over for an
early dinner on Friday. Little did Elder McPherson and I know, but we
were going to be the main chefs… So we showed up and we had two
hours to make all of the food! We made fried chicken,
spaghetti/sausage, penne pasta, hard boiled eggs, salad,
cheese/crackers, vegetables and hummus, etc. We prepared a feast!
Luckily it turned out pretty good. I have never made fried chicken
before, but now I know how (kinda..)! Its amazing the things you can
learn when you are given very little time to learn them. Ha!

I was on an exchange with Elder Durkin and we had a great day! We were
fearlessing tons of people all day, and we actually managed to get a
couple people’s information. That doesn’t usually happen. We had some
extra time at night because something fell through so we decided to
knock a building. The thing that is frustrating with knocking is that
they never open their doors! They always yell “WHO IS IT?” and after
we tell them, they say they aren’t interested. Which is funny because
they have no idea what they aren’t interested in. I started responding
to them after they would say that. After hearing them say “not
interested”, I started saying “not interested in what?”. Haha it
caught a couple people off guard and they would just mumble something
like “Well.. whatever you are talking about..”. People these days…

Anyways. I have loved serving in Brooklyn. Great memories here! It is
time to move on though. I don’t know exactly what the next chapter in
my mission holds, but I suppose that is the way it should be. Whenever
you are unsure of things in life you just have to press forward with
faith!! There is one thing that I do know about my next area..
adventure awaits!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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