Midwood Miracles (They Never Stop!!!)

Another week full of miracles. Who would have thought?!

It started out on Tuesday! I was on an exchange with my good friend
Elder Durkin. I love that guy. Ha! We were looking up a Less Active
member of the church, but she wasn’t home… We were knocking the
doors around her apartment and we knocked into Louis! He actually
invited us in. Crazy right? We taught him the first lesson and he
committed to be baptized if he knew it was true. It gets better. We
even had a return appointment set up! We gave him a tour of the church
on Saturday night and taught him another lesson. Oh AND he came to
church. Miracle. He is from Haiti and grew up a block from the Mormon
church over there, but never went. I am excited for him.

Then I had the chance to go to the temple… twice!! Blessing. The
first time I went for my anniversary temple trip! I have no words to
describe my feelings for the temple. I absolutely love that place. I
am sad that we can only go and do endowments every 6 months. It makes
me a little trunkie thinking about all of the times I can go to the
temple when I get home!! 🙂 The second time I went was for baptisms!
Mike (from terryville) went for the first time finally! I went on an
exchange with Elder Finlinson, and we met them at the temple. It was
awesome. It was also a huge blessing to see the Binetti family doing
so well!!! I love them, and am so happy that they are staying strong.
I have a huge testimony of the temple. If you haven’t been this month,
I would encourage you to go. Make it a goal to visit the temple once a
month at least!! That is a great way to show Heavenly Father that you
are grateful for all of the temples we have.

This week we came in contact with a bunch of haters. Haha.. In the
subway we met this guy who played a “didgeridoo” if you don’t know
what it is, look it up. He was legit with that thing. BUT he was
trying to bash us. We calmed him down (mainly because I wanted to hear
him play). He finally played and it was so cool!


We were walking to an
appointment yesterday that we were late to and this lady stopped us.
She asked us “Who is Jesus Christ?”. We explained and she said “No”.
Uhh.. What? She claimed she knew Jesus and that she didn’t need
church. She just needed “The Word”. I wonder if these people have ever
read the New Testament? I mean come on.. Jesus Christ organized a
church when he was on the earth! It is in the scriptures! Anyways, I
don’t like to bash SO I told her we respect her and her beliefs and
bore my testimony and got out of there.. Then again, yesterday we
fearlessed this Muslim guy on the street. He kept telling us how wrong
our church was. I actually laughed, which I probably shouldn’t have
done… And I asked him “How do you know that the Quran (Koran) is
true?” He kept saying that because he read it that it was true. And
that somebody told him. I helped him understand that he was calling us
out for something that he claimed to be false, yet he didn’t even know
for himself that his religion was true. He was taken aback. Again,
made friends with him and gave him our card. I am not a fan of

The work is hastening! It is hard to keep up with it, but we are doing
our best. I appreciate all of the prayers that are sent my way. I can
honestly feel that they make a difference. I love you all. 🙂

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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