The Big… Slurpee!!!

We had an awesome week! We started meeting with this guy who is an
amazing artist. He can draw so dang fast. We are reading about Lehi in
the Book of Mormon with him, and he gave us some pictures that he drew
in like 5-10 minutes of what he pictured in his head as he read. I
took a picture with the iPad and I will email them home. They are
pretty cool!!

It snowed about 6 inches. Which is quite a bit for the city. The snow
won’t melt!!! It keeps piling up. Plus they have no place to put the
snow… ahhh. Right after the storm came through it rained… That was
ridiculous. I don’t think I have ever been so wet in my life. We
brought half of the water into our apartment with us! Forget the big
apple.. it was the big slurpee that day. Sheesh.

It was a great week for teaching! We had dinner with a Filipino family
who fed us “panseet”. No idea how to spell that. It is my favorite
Filipino dish though! So good. They had invited their neighbour over
for dinner! We had an FHE with him afterwards. They asked me (alone)
to teach the Restoration. It was different teaching without a
companion, but it was really powerful for me. I felt the Spirit really
strongly. I invited him to be baptized.. and he said yes! For real
this time!! Then we experienced Facebook lessons for the first time.
We have a 15 yr old investigator who has been too busy to meet with us
lately. We asked him if he could chat with us on Facebook! We had a
group chat with a member and were able to teach him about the
importance of the Book of Mormon. It was really, really cool. The Lord
provides a way. Facebook really can be a great missionary tool IF used

Oh! We were able to help this Jewish lady out with her van! She was
totally stuck. It took us a little bit of time to get her out. We
luckily found a brick and were able to chip away at the ice around her
tires. Finally we managed to push her out, and she was grateful. I
love being able to serve the Jewish people! They don’t often let us do
it. Ha!

Valentines day was good. Just another day! I was on exchanges with
Elder Ashby!  We went and visited a house that I had been to
before because I knew the LA member had creole parents who were
non-members. The dad opened the door. AND let us in!!!! Two miracles
right there. He taught him in creole. I just sat there and prayed for
the lesson to go well.. that was about all that I could do! He even
got a return appointment with him. Holy cow we are blessed!

Did you hear about the Young Women’s General Board? Did you see Sister
Nelson from New York? That is the Stake President’s wife from my
stake! She is super nice. That was cool news to hear about!

Remember those awesome lessons we taught this week? Sadly they both
have dropped us. They are no longer investigating. From baptism to not
talking to us in just a few days. Remember how the Mission is a roller
coaster? Yep. Thats okay though! Life isn’t supposed to be easy. It
was never ever easy for the Savior, why would it be easy for us?
“Salvation is not a cheap experience”. We just keep enduring the
absolute best we can, and hope for better things to come. 🙂

Best wishes from Brooklyn!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

P.S. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you see a commercial about
Derrick Coleman? The Deaf NFL player? Haven’t seen it but, I know the
guy who made that commercial. No big deal!! Ha!


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