Cops, Fights, and a Free Book

Greetings from the city of New York!!! This past week was pretty darn

I was on an exchange with Elder Joseph, he is from Haiti. We had a
great time. We were looking up a Less Active member who said she was
interested in having missionaries come back. We knocked on her door..
no response. We rang all of the bells (not knowing which one was
hers).. no response. We knocked all the doors around her… no
response. I decided to wait there and pull out my iPad to find the
next closest person to us. We were probably standing there 5-7 minutes
when a door opened. This guy was not happy. He was yelling at us
because we knocked on his door? He claims it is illegal, etc…
anyways. We asked him a few questions about the member that lives there
and he gets even more upset. He didn’t like being asked questions. So
even though he was yelling at us for asking questions.. I felt
prompted to ask another question. Oh boy. We apologized and asked him
one last thing, which led him to inviting us in to his apartment. What?
We were blown away. I have only been invited into someone’s house from
knocking ONE other time on my whole mission. It was a miracle. We
talked for like an hour, and he gave me a free book! We are planning
on taking him a Book of Mormon this week! We will make sure to ring
the bell, and not knock. 🙂

Then we were walking to an appointment when we saw a car stuck in
snow.. perpendicular to oncoming traffic. He was trying to do a U-turn
and managed to high center on a snow pile. Crazy russian guy. Haha! We
eventually dug him out after 15 minutes. He kept trying to floor the
gas, and if he had ever gotten traction he would have flown into
oncoming traffic and died! Luckily he stopped doing that after a few

It was a fun exchange. On a different day we helped push someone’s
350Z out of the snow! It was a sweet car. We saw a bunch of other
people helping and we figured they were with the driver. When we
finally pushed it out, everyone dispersed!  Turns out nobody knew the
guy and we all came together to help someone out. There is hope in
this world!!!

I called the police this week! There was a bus that was flashing
“Emergency, Call Police”. Nobody else noticed but us, so we called the
police! Hopefully everything was okay on the bus? We never heard
anything else about it…

I broke up another fight this week! Two kids were going at it. One of
them was thrown on the ground and the other was on top about to pummel
him. I ran over and threw the kid off… dang youth of ‘merica.

Anyways. President Calderwood spoke in our Sacrament meeting
yesterday! It was awesome. It is always good to see him. His testimony
is so powerful. Our investigator Adam said it was the best testimony
he had ever heard in the church! Adam is slowly progressing.. we are
doing out best to help him! Pray for him.

I am sure I am missing something from last week… oh well. I am
either learning or loving every minute out here. I am happy to be able
to serve during “this most remarkable era in the history of the
church” (L. Tom Perry)

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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