Miracle in Midwood!!!!

Hey! We had a pretty good week this past week! We helped a family move
out on Saturday. Moving people in Brooklyn has its pros and cons!
They typically don’t have a lot of stuff (no room for anything), but
the stairways and apartments are smaller. Which makes it harder to
move things. Luckily, this was a fun and easy move! The new apartment
that they are living in is so nice. It is probably my favorite
apartment that I have ever seen in Brooklyn. They bought pizza for
everyone that helped out, but most people had to leave early… which
left a lot of pizza for us. 🙂

I just love learning about this gospel. It is so amazing to me. I am
almost done with the Book of Mosiah, and it makes so much more sense
to me this time around. There are a lot of things that are out of
order (timeline wise..). This time when I read it, I mapped it out on
a piece of paper. It helped a lot. It is shocking to see how fast
people can go from righteous to wicked. Zeniff was really righteous!
His son? King Noah. Not so righteous… Noah’s son? King Limhi. Way
different from his father. It just blows my mind. I guess it makes
sense though because we see it all around us today, even within

Ready for the miracle in Midwood?! We have been working hard to be
united with the ward leaders lately. Thus we have better communication
with Bishop. He emailed me and said that he received phone call from a
15 year old boy. The kid had seen elders around, saw a commercial for
the Book of Mormon musical (that dang play finally did something
good), and researched Mormons online! He came across Bishop’s phone
number and asked him to learn more. WHAT? Sorry. I almost passed out.
That stuff doesn’t happen without The Lord in the work. Holy cow. He
even came to church yesterday! We are meeting with him on Wednesday.
Miracle. (By the way… we had nothing to do with that. Pretty
humbling on our part.)

Lately I have been pondering parenthood. I can’t say for sure, but it
seems hard. I was thinking about wayward children. I was trying to
figure out exactly when parents would be blamed for their children
falling away. Tricky situation eh? Obviously it isn’t always the
parents fault, but sometimes the parents could have done more, right?
Well this is the conclusion that I came to. If parents honestly tried
their best to raise their children the right way, why would they doubt
for a second if they could have done more? Some parents need to stop
beating themselves up about it. Even if you were perfect parent they
still could have fallen away. Heavenly Father is perfect, yet he still
had children in the pre-mortal world that didn’t follow him. It is the
responsibility of the parent to love their children and do their
personal best to raise them. If you are still unsettled about having a
wayward child, pray to Heavenly Father. He knows how you feel.

Elder Lee
Come what (children) may, and Love them!


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