Midwood Miracles (They Never Stop!!!)

Another week full of miracles. Who would have thought?!

It started out on Tuesday! I was on an exchange with my good friend
Elder Durkin. I love that guy. Ha! We were looking up a Less Active
member of the church, but she wasn’t home… We were knocking the
doors around her apartment and we knocked into Louis! He actually
invited us in. Crazy right? We taught him the first lesson and he
committed to be baptized if he knew it was true. It gets better. We
even had a return appointment set up! We gave him a tour of the church
on Saturday night and taught him another lesson. Oh AND he came to
church. Miracle. He is from Haiti and grew up a block from the Mormon
church over there, but never went. I am excited for him.

Then I had the chance to go to the temple… twice!! Blessing. The
first time I went for my anniversary temple trip! I have no words to
describe my feelings for the temple. I absolutely love that place. I
am sad that we can only go and do endowments every 6 months. It makes
me a little trunkie thinking about all of the times I can go to the
temple when I get home!! 🙂 The second time I went was for baptisms!
Mike (from terryville) went for the first time finally! I went on an
exchange with Elder Finlinson, and we met them at the temple. It was
awesome. It was also a huge blessing to see the Binetti family doing
so well!!! I love them, and am so happy that they are staying strong.
I have a huge testimony of the temple. If you haven’t been this month,
I would encourage you to go. Make it a goal to visit the temple once a
month at least!! That is a great way to show Heavenly Father that you
are grateful for all of the temples we have.

This week we came in contact with a bunch of haters. Haha.. In the
subway we met this guy who played a “didgeridoo” if you don’t know
what it is, look it up. He was legit with that thing. BUT he was
trying to bash us. We calmed him down (mainly because I wanted to hear
him play). He finally played and it was so cool!


We were walking to an
appointment yesterday that we were late to and this lady stopped us.
She asked us “Who is Jesus Christ?”. We explained and she said “No”.
Uhh.. What? She claimed she knew Jesus and that she didn’t need
church. She just needed “The Word”. I wonder if these people have ever
read the New Testament? I mean come on.. Jesus Christ organized a
church when he was on the earth! It is in the scriptures! Anyways, I
don’t like to bash SO I told her we respect her and her beliefs and
bore my testimony and got out of there.. Then again, yesterday we
fearlessed this Muslim guy on the street. He kept telling us how wrong
our church was. I actually laughed, which I probably shouldn’t have
done… And I asked him “How do you know that the Quran (Koran) is
true?” He kept saying that because he read it that it was true. And
that somebody told him. I helped him understand that he was calling us
out for something that he claimed to be false, yet he didn’t even know
for himself that his religion was true. He was taken aback. Again,
made friends with him and gave him our card. I am not a fan of

The work is hastening! It is hard to keep up with it, but we are doing
our best. I appreciate all of the prayers that are sent my way. I can
honestly feel that they make a difference. I love you all. 🙂

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

The Big… Slurpee!!!

We had an awesome week! We started meeting with this guy who is an
amazing artist. He can draw so dang fast. We are reading about Lehi in
the Book of Mormon with him, and he gave us some pictures that he drew
in like 5-10 minutes of what he pictured in his head as he read. I
took a picture with the iPad and I will email them home. They are
pretty cool!!

It snowed about 6 inches. Which is quite a bit for the city. The snow
won’t melt!!! It keeps piling up. Plus they have no place to put the
snow… ahhh. Right after the storm came through it rained… That was
ridiculous. I don’t think I have ever been so wet in my life. We
brought half of the water into our apartment with us! Forget the big
apple.. it was the big slurpee that day. Sheesh.

It was a great week for teaching! We had dinner with a Filipino family
who fed us “panseet”. No idea how to spell that. It is my favorite
Filipino dish though! So good. They had invited their neighbour over
for dinner! We had an FHE with him afterwards. They asked me (alone)
to teach the Restoration. It was different teaching without a
companion, but it was really powerful for me. I felt the Spirit really
strongly. I invited him to be baptized.. and he said yes! For real
this time!! Then we experienced Facebook lessons for the first time.
We have a 15 yr old investigator who has been too busy to meet with us
lately. We asked him if he could chat with us on Facebook! We had a
group chat with a member and were able to teach him about the
importance of the Book of Mormon. It was really, really cool. The Lord
provides a way. Facebook really can be a great missionary tool IF used

Oh! We were able to help this Jewish lady out with her van! She was
totally stuck. It took us a little bit of time to get her out. We
luckily found a brick and were able to chip away at the ice around her
tires. Finally we managed to push her out, and she was grateful. I
love being able to serve the Jewish people! They don’t often let us do
it. Ha!

Valentines day was good. Just another day! I was on exchanges with
Elder Ashby!  We went and visited a house that I had been to
before because I knew the LA member had creole parents who were
non-members. The dad opened the door. AND let us in!!!! Two miracles
right there. He taught him in creole. I just sat there and prayed for
the lesson to go well.. that was about all that I could do! He even
got a return appointment with him. Holy cow we are blessed!

Did you hear about the Young Women’s General Board? Did you see Sister
Nelson from New York? That is the Stake President’s wife from my
stake! She is super nice. That was cool news to hear about!

Remember those awesome lessons we taught this week? Sadly they both
have dropped us. They are no longer investigating. From baptism to not
talking to us in just a few days. Remember how the Mission is a roller
coaster? Yep. Thats okay though! Life isn’t supposed to be easy. It
was never ever easy for the Savior, why would it be easy for us?
“Salvation is not a cheap experience”. We just keep enduring the
absolute best we can, and hope for better things to come. 🙂

Best wishes from Brooklyn!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

P.S. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you see a commercial about
Derrick Coleman? The Deaf NFL player? Haven’t seen it but, I know the
guy who made that commercial. No big deal!! Ha!

Cops, Fights, and a Free Book

Greetings from the city of New York!!! This past week was pretty darn

I was on an exchange with Elder Joseph, he is from Haiti. We had a
great time. We were looking up a Less Active member who said she was
interested in having missionaries come back. We knocked on her door..
no response. We rang all of the bells (not knowing which one was
hers).. no response. We knocked all the doors around her… no
response. I decided to wait there and pull out my iPad to find the
next closest person to us. We were probably standing there 5-7 minutes
when a door opened. This guy was not happy. He was yelling at us
because we knocked on his door? He claims it is illegal, etc…
anyways. We asked him a few questions about the member that lives there
and he gets even more upset. He didn’t like being asked questions. So
even though he was yelling at us for asking questions.. I felt
prompted to ask another question. Oh boy. We apologized and asked him
one last thing, which led him to inviting us in to his apartment. What?
We were blown away. I have only been invited into someone’s house from
knocking ONE other time on my whole mission. It was a miracle. We
talked for like an hour, and he gave me a free book! We are planning
on taking him a Book of Mormon this week! We will make sure to ring
the bell, and not knock. 🙂

Then we were walking to an appointment when we saw a car stuck in
snow.. perpendicular to oncoming traffic. He was trying to do a U-turn
and managed to high center on a snow pile. Crazy russian guy. Haha! We
eventually dug him out after 15 minutes. He kept trying to floor the
gas, and if he had ever gotten traction he would have flown into
oncoming traffic and died! Luckily he stopped doing that after a few

It was a fun exchange. On a different day we helped push someone’s
350Z out of the snow! It was a sweet car. We saw a bunch of other
people helping and we figured they were with the driver. When we
finally pushed it out, everyone dispersed!  Turns out nobody knew the
guy and we all came together to help someone out. There is hope in
this world!!!

I called the police this week! There was a bus that was flashing
“Emergency, Call Police”. Nobody else noticed but us, so we called the
police! Hopefully everything was okay on the bus? We never heard
anything else about it…

I broke up another fight this week! Two kids were going at it. One of
them was thrown on the ground and the other was on top about to pummel
him. I ran over and threw the kid off… dang youth of ‘merica.

Anyways. President Calderwood spoke in our Sacrament meeting
yesterday! It was awesome. It is always good to see him. His testimony
is so powerful. Our investigator Adam said it was the best testimony
he had ever heard in the church! Adam is slowly progressing.. we are
doing out best to help him! Pray for him.

I am sure I am missing something from last week… oh well. I am
either learning or loving every minute out here. I am happy to be able
to serve during “this most remarkable era in the history of the
church” (L. Tom Perry)

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

Miracle in Midwood!!!!

Hey! We had a pretty good week this past week! We helped a family move
out on Saturday. Moving people in Brooklyn has its pros and cons!
They typically don’t have a lot of stuff (no room for anything), but
the stairways and apartments are smaller. Which makes it harder to
move things. Luckily, this was a fun and easy move! The new apartment
that they are living in is so nice. It is probably my favorite
apartment that I have ever seen in Brooklyn. They bought pizza for
everyone that helped out, but most people had to leave early… which
left a lot of pizza for us. 🙂

I just love learning about this gospel. It is so amazing to me. I am
almost done with the Book of Mosiah, and it makes so much more sense
to me this time around. There are a lot of things that are out of
order (timeline wise..). This time when I read it, I mapped it out on
a piece of paper. It helped a lot. It is shocking to see how fast
people can go from righteous to wicked. Zeniff was really righteous!
His son? King Noah. Not so righteous… Noah’s son? King Limhi. Way
different from his father. It just blows my mind. I guess it makes
sense though because we see it all around us today, even within

Ready for the miracle in Midwood?! We have been working hard to be
united with the ward leaders lately. Thus we have better communication
with Bishop. He emailed me and said that he received phone call from a
15 year old boy. The kid had seen elders around, saw a commercial for
the Book of Mormon musical (that dang play finally did something
good), and researched Mormons online! He came across Bishop’s phone
number and asked him to learn more. WHAT? Sorry. I almost passed out.
That stuff doesn’t happen without The Lord in the work. Holy cow. He
even came to church yesterday! We are meeting with him on Wednesday.
Miracle. (By the way… we had nothing to do with that. Pretty
humbling on our part.)

Lately I have been pondering parenthood. I can’t say for sure, but it
seems hard. I was thinking about wayward children. I was trying to
figure out exactly when parents would be blamed for their children
falling away. Tricky situation eh? Obviously it isn’t always the
parents fault, but sometimes the parents could have done more, right?
Well this is the conclusion that I came to. If parents honestly tried
their best to raise their children the right way, why would they doubt
for a second if they could have done more? Some parents need to stop
beating themselves up about it. Even if you were perfect parent they
still could have fallen away. Heavenly Father is perfect, yet he still
had children in the pre-mortal world that didn’t follow him. It is the
responsibility of the parent to love their children and do their
personal best to raise them. If you are still unsettled about having a
wayward child, pray to Heavenly Father. He knows how you feel.

Elder Lee
Come what (children) may, and Love them!