The Church is True, The Book is Blue!

Greetings from Brooklyn 🙂

It is the start of another transfer out here! We had our transfer
meeting on Tuesday. I realized that we do things a lot differently in
this mission. Every six weeks we have a “transfer meeting” in Rego
Park, Queens. If you are a leader in the mission, or you are getting
transferred you go to transfer meeting! Otherwise you are supposed to
stay and work in your area. Anyways, at the meeting all of the new
missionaries get to introduce themselves and we hear from President
and Sister Calderwood. It is always a blessing to hear from them.
After that part of the meeting is over, the fun begins! All of the
zone leaders go up to the pulpit and read off who is going to be
serving in their zone. If you are getting transferred you have no idea
where you are going, or who you will be with until you hear your name
announced with your new companion over the pulpit. It gets pretty
intense. It is fun to be able to see where everyone is going!! Because
our mission boundaries are so small we can meet together like that so
often. We have one of the smallest missions… with almost 10 million
people in our boundaries! Crazy.

Speaking of President Calderwood, we had interviews with him this
week! I love interviews with President. We were able to talk
one-on-one. That is an experience that I always treasure.

When Elder McPherson and I were walking the other day we noticed a
Jewish lady who was struggling to walk. She couldn’t push her ghetto
cart in the snow. We went over and offered to help her. We held her
hands and pushed her cart for her! She was born in Israel and told us
a few stories about her life. It was a really cool experience to be
able to talk with her. It wasn’t a very far distance to walk, but it
took about 10 minutes. We didn’t mind!!

Ready for the ultimate experience of the week?! Okay. Well. We have
our goal of how many people we want to talk to per day, right? It was
towards the end of the night and I was still trying to talk to a
couple more people before it was 9:00. I saw a family and went over to
talk to them! They looked hispanic so I asked them if they spoke
english. The husband said that he did! I testified and invited them to
come to church that week! Didn’t think too much of it, but guess what
happened? When Sunday came they were at church!!!!!!!!! He came up to
me and said, “Do you remember me?”. How could I forget?! Oh and it
gets better. They are getting sealed as a family next month! ……..
A little confused? Ahh. Let me help you understand. They were actually
a fully active family in the spanish branch. I had no idea. His name
is Nefi… (Nephi in english). Once I figured out his name was Nefi in
our conversation that night, I knew something fishy was going on!!!
Haha 🙂 I am still really excited that they are getting sealed next

I love the Book of Mormon in case you didn’t know. That book is the
evidence that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. If he was a Prophet, this
church is true. Simple as that. I just wish people would take it more
seriously!! There is too much religious confusion out here. Did you
know that Brooklyn is where the Jehovah’s Witness’ have their
headquarters? Also it is the location with the largest Jewish
community? Our goal is just to get everyone to read and pray about the
Book of Mormon. That means you too!! Read it. Pray about it. Feel the
peace that it brings. Then you can know for yourself that this church
is true. Simple, yet profound.

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!


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