A “Storm” is Coming….

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Guess what I did while you were all partying?! Slept. Haha! We went to
bed at… 7:00 pm. It was glorious. I miss being able to sleep
whenever I wanted so it was fun to do it once on the mission. 🙂 That
was my party!!

What is with everyone getting married?! James, Kenadee, etc! Sheesh.
Congrats to them though! I just wish I could be there for their
weddings. Maybe for the baby showers I will be home…? 😉

It snowed finally! Brooklyn got a pretty decent amount of snow. Only
like 6-8 inches, which is a lot for NY. Everyone was scared for this
“big blizzard” and when they would ask us about it we would have to
remind them that we are from Idaho and Utah. We went out and shoveled
walkways and helped push cars out of snow banks after the “big storm”!
The other missionaries from Vegas, and Texas all loved shoveling
snow.. they just didn’t understand how I couldn’t like it… I told
them to move to Utah and then we can talk! Ha! No, we had fun helping
other people out.

The work is Hastening!! Imagine that. We actually got the privilege of
teaching a family this week!!!! We were so excited. They were a member
referral too. It doesn’t get any better than that. The only down side?
I stepped in cat pee in my sock at their house. Yeah… It was worth
it though! The family was awesome. They aren’t very interested right
now, but they will be someday! We are still talking to tons of people.
We actually found a different family to teach the other day from our
street contacting!!!!!!!! That doesn’t typically happen.. we are being
blessed. We passed them off to the sisters because we felt like they
could connect with them better.

In the midst of all of this, we are planning another huge Less Active
blitz!! We will hopefully have close to 100 people come to our
building next sunday (mainly missionaries). We have been spending time
plotting out points on a map of where the rest of the LA people live
that we don’t know about. We finally narrowed that list down to just
under 300… There are more than that, but those are the ones we just
don’t know anything about. It is taking a long time to organize but we
will find those sheep one way or another!! It is sad that our ward
list is so big, and our active members are so little in comparison..
but we are here to change that!!! (Philippians 4:13)

Lastly, we had a great day at church! It was a learning experience. We
were in the Gospel Principles class.. which can always be an
interesting one. We were discussing about “God, Our Eternal Father”.
As we were answering questions I noticed that there were some active
members who didn’t really understand the nature of God. As we tried to
explain it, things got a little heated. There was a lady visiting from
another church that got up and preached the belief that originated
from the Nicene creed, namely that the Godhead are not separate
beings. I literally shuttered as she spoke. I shook my head and had to
cry out “that is not true”. I didn’t do it in a harsh way, but for
whatever reason I can not handle false doctrine. Even if I have to
proclaim the truth out on a bus as someone ridicules us while they
leave.. but that is a story for another day. Anyways, I can’t handle
it! Especially when it concerns my Father in Heaven. We had to clear
that one up. I studied a lot about the true nature of the Godhead
today because of yesterday. If you truly read the scriptures there is
no way to get around it. God the Father is a perfected man, separate
from His SON Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. It lays it out pretty
plainly even in the New Testament. I am just grateful for revelation
to help us understand even more about our Loving Father that lives in

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!!


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