So Long 2013!!!

This is going to be a long one… A lot happened last week! Here we go..

sean and his stocking 2013
Well Christmas time has come and gone here in New York! We had an
awesome week out here. It all started with Christmas Eve. We actually
had to wake up at 4:45 in the morning… yeah.. 6:30 is already pretty
early, in case you were wondering 🙂 We had to wake up to catch a
train to the mission office in queens, and transfer to a bus to take
us all the way out to Plainview! It was so fun. The whole entire
mission was there so I was able to see a lot of my friends. The
meeting was pretty musical. All the zones had musical numbers and then
we had a “Christmas Concert” at the end with narrators and more
musical numbers! I was in a quartet of sorts and we sang “Far Far Away
in Judea’s Plains”. It was a blast.

sean singing christmas mission conference 2013

President Calderwood also introduced our new vision for the mission!
It is incredible. In fact I will type it up for you:

New York New York South Mission Vision:

I am set apart from the world to serve with The Lord, Jesus Christ
here in New York. I am called to serve during this “most remarkable
era in the history of the Church”
The Hastening of His work

Through my Obedience miracles will happen
By living and preaching the gospel by the Spirit
I am Forever Changed

Baptism is the gate
Temple is the goal
Members are the key
Doctrine of Christ is the path
The Atonement is the only way

I don’t have the references included on there, but hopefully will be
able to get you the references soon. Isn’t that amazing? We all felt
the Spirit very strongly after the meeting. OH and Elder Olson was
there! He is the Area Authority for our area, and he is awesome. I was
able to talk to him for a bit and hear his testimony. He is a great

Then we had Christmas! We ate breakfast with a member from the
Carribean! He made us some delicious food.. (I am not exactly sure
what it was… I just eat it without asking) but it was so good. Then
we visited Joey! That was a humbling experience. I spent Christmas
sitting on a trash can with Joseph Booth. We made him cookies (a
little harder than people normally liked.. even too hard for Dad!) and
he had a hard time eating them because he only has a few teeth. BUT we
had a great visit. Sang Christmas songs at the top of our lungs. It
doesn’t get better than that 🙂 Then a member made us some Indian
Chicken and Curry. It was delicious. I love food.

After Christmas was over we had a finding activity at the subway stop!
We were shining people’s shoes for free! Nobody believed that it was
free, but a few people stopped and sat down. It is fun to really serve
people. There isn’t much service like shining somebody’s dirty shoes..

This was pretty funny. Elder McPherson and I were on the subway
talking to different people. Our stop comes up and, naturally, I get
off. He must not have noticed because he didn’t get off..!! By the
time I noticed he wasn’t behind me the doors had already closed. I
banged on the window and he saw me.. and he was pretty frightened! It
was hilarious. I called President to let him know. I was alone for
about 15 minutes before we were reunited! Oh the memories.

It poured rain yesterday. Poured. It made me feel like a missionary
though! Soaking wet trying to talk to people and look people up! It
was fun.. and wet. I spoke in church yesterday about missionary work!
Yay! It went pretty well. I am loving life! Things are great here in
Brooklyn! I appreciate your prayers. They really do make a difference!
Keep them coming. I hope everyone has a great New Year!! I will be
bringing the New Year in with a lot of… Sleep. Have some good clean fun
for me!!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

P.S. I am convinced the zombie apocalypse is happening. We were
walking down the street last night when we saw a man limping towards
us. Nothing too unusual so we just ignored him. Then he literally
jumped and snarled (like really snarled) at Elder McPherson. It
freaked us out a little bit, but we laughed it off. 🙂 Gotta love


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