Time For a Change!

I have a new companion! Elder McPherson!! He is from Meridian, Idaho. He is awesome. We are having a great time. We get along just fine. That always helps. 🙂

 Before I forget. We totally saw a raccoon the other day. I had never seen one in person before until then. It was so random. You see the craziest stuff in Brooklyn, I am telling you. We chased it down.. but then I decided I didn’t want rabies so we left it alone.
We are still talking to a lot of people! In two weeks we almost talked to 1,000 people. Amazing huh?! It is fun to meet all kinds of different people. We lost a companionship over the transfers so now there are only 8 of us in the district. We adjusted our weekly goal because of it. So far out of the almost 1,000 people we talked to… nobody came to church. Yet! Ahh.. It is a little frustrating. It is okay though, we are trying our best and that is all we can do. Good things will come to those who wait!! For the time being we will just keep on working hard. Gotta love the mission!! 🙂
We had a sweet ward Christmas party! The missionaries performed a few songs and the ward did a nativity scene. It was cool to see the members with all of their talents. I enjoy Christmas. It is just a feeling that you can’t describe!!! We are trying our best to spread some Christmas cheer, despite the many scrooges that we meet!
I honestly have a hard time remembering what we did the last week. That is what journals are for though right? All I know is that I am loving life. The mission really is a refiners fire, and I am learning a lot. I am trying to make the most of every minute because it is going by too darn fast..
Oh I just remembered!! Ready for a funny (ish) story? We were eating a meal with someone (I know, it was a miracle) when we started to share a message with him. We were talking about the Ten Commandments and how important they are. We emphasized a particular one that we felt he needed to hear. After the lesson he said that he would do a better job of keeping the commandments if he could only have a printout of them on his wall. He promised that if they were only in a place he could see them, he would be able to more faithfully keep them! We told him that we would find a way to get it to him. As we were walking down the small hallway out of his house guess what we saw on his wall? A list of the Ten Commandments. Ha! Just remember that desire and change starts within us. Material things or reminders clearly won’t do the trick. Try a little harder, to be a little better. Don’t rely on things other than ourselves to fix our problems.. or we might end up getting embarrassed in the long run. 😉
Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!

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