All I want for Christmas….

It is amazing that so many things can happen in just one week. Crazy.

Another roller coaster of a week! It was a good one though, like
always! On P-Day we had a zone activity and played a bunch of “minute
to win it” games! It was a lot of fun. I did the game with the cookie
on your face, and you have to get it from your forehead into your
mouth with just your face muscles… It was a riot.

Then in district meeting we all agreed on a really cool idea. We all
committed to talk to 500 people as a district… by Sunday We all
worked really hard! We had some activities to help out. We made some
cookies and carolled to people on two nights. The second night we did
it was Sunday night… we were shy of our goal by 80 people! Well we
might as well give up… Right? Wrong! We came together and literally
swept the streets. We didn’t let anyone by us without testifying of
Jesus Christ and his Atonement. It doesn’t get more powerful than
that. We hit our goal! Our district was awesome. Even though it was
rainy and freezing cold when we delivered cookies and carolled, we were
all troopers! We sang and testified our little hearts out!

For our weekly service project with prospect park, we were able to
help in “quaker cemetery”. It is a place that is normally 100% closed
off to the public. Nobody is really ever allowed in. They occasionally
let volunteers in to help with leaves and maintenance, and we were
chosen! SO all of us missionaries helped rake leaves in this peaceful
cemetery. It was a cool experience. I love service.

Lately I feel like I have been overworking myself. I have been trying
to do everything I can to be the best missionary. I am not perfect by
any means, but sometimes I take on too many things! It is unwise. It
leads to stressful things and sometimes is frustrating. I sometimes
may fall asleep on buses.. I am fine though. I am learning to balance
things out. I wouldn’t want to be wearing out my life doing anything

We made a visit to a lady we didn’t know, and hadn’t ever seen at
church. Turns out she is a 96 yr old member who is totally blind. She
loved having us come over and was very appreciative. We asked if we
could sing her a Christmas hymn, and before we could start she was
singing to us! She was singing in her frail, 96 yr old voice. My heart
just about melted. It was beautiful.

Transfers! We got our transfer calls… I am staying in Midwood!! Yay!
Sadly, Elder Jensen will be leaving me. I will be getting a brand new
companion tomorrow. In fact 6 out of the 10 people in my district are
leaving. 😦 It is sad, but I am grateful to be able to work around
such incredible missionaries! Sis Blosil is also getting transferred.
Since we hit our goal of 500 she is going to be playing a mini-concert
today during p-day! We are stoked!

Well before this gets too long… I would like to echo the words of M.
Russell Ballard! For Christmas this year I hope that everyone can
follow his counsel. Please reach out to just one person and show them
that you love them. Whether that be family, neighbor, or enemy alike.
All people everywhere need to feel the love of Jesus Christ. People
are praying for that feeling this season, and we are the tools that
Heavenly Father uses to answer their prayers. Would you deny the
prayers of your family or neighbors? Show the people around you that
you love them. That is what this gospel is all about.

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love someone

P.S. Stake Conference was yesterday! It had to be translated into
Haitian-Creole, Cantonese, Spanish, and Mandarin… So diverse!! That
still isn’t even close to all the languages that are spoken here


Cat in the grocery store? What?

Cat in the grocery store? What?


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