At Least It’s Not Russia!!!

Hello! I am doing great out here. Things are just splendid. Minus the
fact that it is freezing cold here. The wind pretty much just pierces
my soul. I feel like an iceberg was thrown into a wood chipper and the
remnants are being sprayed in my face. It’s that cold! But luckily we
never get too negative about it… I always just say “at least we
aren’t in Russia!” Poor Elder Madsen. πŸ™‚

We had an epic mega zone conference last week! President and Sister
Calderwood came with the assistants! It was awesome. President shared
a quote that his father had told him. His father told him “control
brings freedom, no boundaries brings regret”. It was a workshop on how
to be productive with these iPads! I just thought that was a really
powerful statement. Helps us remember why boundaries and control are
so important!

I love food. A lot. Luckily New York has tons of good food! Everything
from Halal food, to your classic pizza. We got it all! Even the
members make great food here. We had our ward thanksgiving party this
past week and there was so much food. I ate 5 plates… I had to! Ever
since I have been out here my taste buds have definitely matured. I
will eat or try just about anything now! I had sweet potatoes the
other day.. Delicious. Stuffed cabbage? Who knew it could be so tasty?
There is a whole world of food out there that I never even knew
about… Especially egg custard. Now that stuff is incredible! This
Filipino lady made it for us. So good!

As for thanksgiving we will be playing in a mission wide turkey bowl!
Bryson and Ethan said that sports got banned in their mission for
thanksgiving.. But we haven’t heard anything like that? So we will be
playing some football!! Then this family invited us over for dinner.
It will be a great day! Then the day after I get to go to the temple!
I never had the chance to go for my 6 month mark, so they are catching
me up. I am excited to go through with a bunch of missionaries!
Sheesh. So much to be thankful for.

Oh and we played basketball with this kid we met and his friends. I
love how they underestimate us because we are white… Then they start
getting really mad when we score on them πŸ™‚ Ha! I am doing great! I
love my life. I love my mission. And most importantly, I love this

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Eat some stuffing for me!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!


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