All You Need Is Love!

Wow. I am sorry I couldn’t email last week. The work truly is hastening out here. You can feel it. There has been a lot of things
going on and we got really busy! I will try to make this email extra good for you (and grandma)!!

I will start off with some lesser exciting news… I bought a blender! I use that thing every day. I go through about 10 pounds of fruit and
2 gallons of milk… A week. I love my smoothies. Mainly bananas and strawberries! So good. I look forward to those things… I find joy in
the simple things in life now. Makes me happier 🙂

So every week on Tuesday nights we do an activity with the other district! We get together, sing hymns, and fearless people! It is
usually pretty fun. Recently this guy named Adam has gotten in contact with us. He is 19 and plays the tenor saxophone. We invited him to come play with us on Tuesdays. He started coming and asking about our church… So naturally we started to teach him. We invited him to church and he has come the last two weeks! He is a great guy. Elder Jensen and I are actually going to be doing a Christmas number with him. We will put it up on Facebook so keep an eye out for that!

Oh get this. We were on the train coming home for the night when a lady got on with her husband. I smiled and said hello. She looked at
me with a scowl and said “I don’t know you!!”. I was taken aback.. I actually had to apologize to someone for smiling at them. Gotta love
New York!! 🙂

Mom, remember how you make those chicken roll ups with cream cheese? Totally did that. They were delicious. We made them for some other elders in my district.

There is this less active member who lives in a group home that we are working with. As we were leaving one night we asked everyone there if we could sing to them. They looked excited! We sang some hymns (elder Jensen is really good at singing) and then we all sang silent night together. It was a really cool moment. We are able to use our talents to bless other people. It was awesome.

I guess I can tell you about the iPads…… 🙂 They are so nice! In fact. I am typing this on my iPad mini! Every missionary has their own iPad, and again… They rock. The gospel library app has made my studies so much better. We have our area books and planners in our iPads. We can do things so much more effectively. I love them. I also am able to stay on top of things a lot better. With the work hastening, there are a lot of things I have to do as a missionary. So many things to plan out and things to remember. iPads are truly sent from heaven. 🙂

Also, as you probably saw on Facebook..the Binettis were baptized! That family is awesome. I love them. I am humbled to be a small part
in helping them on their journey. A lot of missionaries helped teach them. Elder Tingey and I were actually the first elders to go over. It
was cool to be there… Tingey is still in Bermuda so he wasn’t able to make it, but he was there in spirit!!

I realized something this past week. The whole entire reason we are here is to love. Not the worldly kind of love, but the Godly trait. He
has sent us here to love. Love him enough to keep His commandments. Love our families. Love our neighbors. Love. If we can truly learn how to love those around us, we can find the kingdom of heaven. For “inasmuch as ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (the savior)”. Treating others with love is the literal way to show love unto our Savior.

Elder Lee
Come whom may come, and love them. 🙂


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