Hard Times Come Again No More!!!!

It was a pretty rough week. We haven’t had anybody come to church for us this past transfer. Nobody is progressing. Even though we are trying our best, sometimes it is hard to not feel like a failure! That is the natural man in us.. BUT! I fought to overcome it! I was even feeling pretty homesick for some reason.. Something I hadn’t felt for a long time. So amid all of this we fasted yesterday! Fasted specifically for the missionary work here, and we saw miracles!

First of all, we were at the library doing our online proselytising. When… We met a man named Lawrence! He started talking to us and I could tell he had a pure heart. Such a good guy. Seemed interested and we have a lesson with him tomorrow!! Some missionaries may think that one solid lesson for a week is horrible, but it is such a miracle to me!!

Then we went to Yahdaii’s apartment. We have been visiting this Recent Convert.. that went straight to Less Active. We try to go over there once a week! He usually never opens the door, but he finally did! We had a member with us and we taught him a little bit as we walked with him. We just showed him how much we care about and miss him. He seemed receptive, and we hope he is going to talk to us more now! Miracles!!!!!

I have a testimony of the power of fasting now! That was an awesome day we had yesterday. It is funny because sometimes I feel like I am serving in Jerusalem. There are a lot of Jewish people here. A lot. Most of them are orthodox, and dress accordingly. I wish you could just see a picture of the streets I walk down every day. I live in a Jewish community on one side, and a Muslim community on the other… I always wear the name “Jesus Christ” proudly on my chest though. 🙂 They are all nice people, they just don’t like us very much… 😦

It is starting to be realllllly cold here. I am going to have to bundle up! Utah gets cold.. but this cold is bone piercing. Plus we have to walk everywhere we go. If I had a car, like last winter, it wouldn’t be bad at all!! We will do our best to stay warm here! Halloween wasn’t too cold though! It was an awesome night. We were in by 6, ordered a pizza, and relaxed. 🙂 Then we went to bed at 8!! It was incredible. I am pretty well rested now with all of the extra sleep.. we will see how long it lasts though!

I am grateful for everyone’s prayers and thoughts from back home! It really does make a difference. In a way that I can’t explain. I would encourage everyone to be happy!! Find the ways to enjoy life. Be grateful. Try to find at least ONE specific thing every day this month that you are grateful for. Right it down. Include it in your prayers. Let Heavenly Father know that you love him!! After all, this is a great month to be grateful. 🙂

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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