To Break? Or Not To Break?

What a week we had!! I had the chance to go to the Manhattan Temple again! I love that place. I am excited to be able to go every week when I get home. We took Edward (a recent convert from before I got here) to do baptisms! He loved it. He was able to finally be baptized for a friend. What a cool experience!!

Then we had the chance to go to the Rockaways again!!  It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy hit, and they were coming out to celebrate all of the hard work they have done over the year! It is incredible how nice it looks now. Totally different! You can’t even tell that the Hurricane ever hit! The whole mission gathered with the community on the peninsula facing towards the ocean, and linked hands! They wanted to break a world record… and we… did!! We broke it! We now have the record for longest human chain! They took a lot of pictures and videos, and hopefully I will be able to send some of them for you to see. It was amazing to be a part of! It was just a special feeling. They are going to submit that to the Guinness Book of World Records, so we will see if they submit it anytime soon.

Anyways, other than that life is good! Sadly enough my trainee is getting transferred to somewhere else in the mission. He struggled in the city, and is hopefully going out to Long Island. I will be staying here for another transfer! I am excited to start another one. Time is flying by too quickly… I am really looking forward to the holiday season! Maybe people will be a little more receptive? 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens in Brooklyn on Halloween! I hear it gets really crazy, and so we have to be indoors by 6:00. I will probably celebrate by going to sleep early. I can’t wait!

I love serving a mission! It is the best decision I have made up to this point. I am learning so much, and truly changing forever. I wouldn’t trade this for anything!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!
Brodowski, Lee and Jensen 2013

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