Success or Failure?

Well again… I don’t really remember what happened last week. It really starts to just be a huge blur. A good blur! But a blur none the less! I am so happy to hear a lot of people are doing well with the Gospel. I am excited for everyone and their missions! I know that a mission can bless everybody in their life if they chose to go. It sure has blessed me!
We did another zone wide blitz! 3 zones participated. That is about 75 missionaries? They all came to our ward to look up every single Less Active member in our boundaries. It was awesome! I was lucky enough to be paired up with Elder Burch again from the MTC!! We had a really good time. As we were doing our look ups, we saw some people playing basketball. Naturally we went over there and challenged them to a game. They saw that we were two white kids in our shirts and ties, and definitely under estimated us. We did end up beating them, but they weren’t very receptive to our message after the game.. they seemed a little angry with us. Ha!
We also got word that we will be getting a mini-iPad per missionary! They will come to us on Nov 11th! Plus each companionship will get their own iPhone! The first time I get an iPhone is on my mission…! We will be using the cloud of course. Each missionary will keep their iPad their whole mission, and use it for their area book and progress records, etc! SO when you get transferred to a new area? Boom. Cloud hooks you up with the information that you need. Legit right?
The work is slowly moving along. We haven’t been able to see anyone progress this transfer, and that is tough. It is hard to hear the success of friends in other missions, or hear stories from return missionaries and compare myself to them. We may not be seeing a lot of people progress right now, but does that define our success? If I don’t baptize 100 people does that mean my mission was a waste? Absolutely not. Success is measured by the effort you put into something, not always the end result. As long as I am doing everything I can to help other people come unto Christ, I am successful! Don’t get discouraged in life when you don’t always see the results that you want. Just remember. Success is measured by effort, not statistics.
Elder Lee
Come what may and Love it!
(For some reason I like to capitalize that L on love? Don’t judge!)

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