Ballin’ it up in Brooklyn!

As you know, we played in a basketball tournament in Brooklyn! It was way fun. They don’t mess around when it comes to basketball though… I was going to get a rebound, and I got elbowed in the mouth by this super ripped black guy. I split my lip and it started to bleed! Ha… like I said, they don’t mess around. We ended up losing, but made a ton of good friends! Made a good name for the church! It was a fun day.

Facebook. So the rules are pretty strict? Kinda? I don’t just use it like I did before the mission. It is just an extra tool for my missionary work! A lot of people will gladly add us on facebook, opposed to their addresses. Plus we can teach them through facebook! It is really cool. Oh! Only communicate with me for missionary purposes. Not just to say hi. I can teach, talk, or do anything related to the gospel though! I have a bunch of friends in mind that I would like to help! We will see how it goes… It will be easier when we get Ipads and stuff. That way we can skype teach lessons. Pretty cool eh? Technology these days…

We also played soccer with a bunch of people again on Saturday! We had a potential investigator come (Juan), and it was really fun! I actually got the ball and dribbled to the goal… then I kinda just kicked it, hoping that somebody would be there? Lo and behold.. Juan was there! He kicked it in for a goal! It was sweet! We have a connection now! We were talking after the game and he mentioned that the goal was “God-sent”… I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

We had our interviews with President Calderwood! I love that man. He is such a boss! I couldn’t have gotten a better mission president. I really couldn’t. We had a really good interview. I am so glad he will be my President for my whole mission!

In district meeting, I gave a workshop about self-mastery! It was an interesting discussion. Personally, I love the topic. Something that we all need to work on most. I just believe that if we want to truly become like the Savior, we have to learn to control our desires, emotions, etc. The best counsel is given in Matthew 5! Study it. Who knows, it could change your life!

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!


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