New York Nightcrawlers

Howdy ya’ll!! Life in the city is just as crazy as ever. Things are fine though. The Lord protects his missionaries! Thank goodness.
This week was a busy one… as usual! We have been trying to work extra hard right now because we don’t have very many people to work with. The work is moving forward though!! Being in a trio is different.. but I like it. It is fun.
They have some pretty nappy insects in the city. One of them has the nickname “New York Nightcrawlers”. Pretty much a huge version of a centipede that are in the apartments. I killed one this morning and they are gross. We may freak out a little bit when we see them… don’t judge.
The new ward is awesome! Pretty active…. but a lot of Inactives. It is sad! We did a 3 zone blitz last Wednesday! We had it arranged to contact all 700 inactive members. So close to 100 people worked together for a couple hours. We are going to do it again. It was successful and a lot of people were pretty interested! It was sweet. It just takes a lot of organization.
I love the transportation here. Buses, subways, etc. It is all cool. The walking part isn’t the funnest, but at least I won’t be obese!!
We met this man named Joseph smoking outside. We started meeting with him, and even though he is at a really rough time in his life he is awesome. I love that man. He is legally blind, and lives in undesirable circumstances, but has such a pure heart. Charity is real. We are working with him to quit smoking! He is a boss.
Everything here is fine! Just tiring! I invite everyone to listen to the conference talks this weekend, and take special care to listen for talks meant for you! If you look to apply those talks in your life it will make a difference. You will be happier, and experience peace. After all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?
Love you all!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and love it!
P.S. Something big is going to be announced in Conference.. at least that is my bet. The enisgn for September had an article titled something like “How new doctrine is established”. PLUS there is an article on titled “Be Alert, Attuned to Conference Revelations”. So… any guesses on what is going to be announced? (You can check out the link )

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