To Break? Or Not To Break?

What a week we had!! I had the chance to go to the Manhattan Temple again! I love that place. I am excited to be able to go every week when I get home. We took Edward (a recent convert from before I got here) to do baptisms! He loved it. He was able to finally be baptized for a friend. What a cool experience!!

Then we had the chance to go to the Rockaways again!!  It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy hit, and they were coming out to celebrate all of the hard work they have done over the year! It is incredible how nice it looks now. Totally different! You can’t even tell that the Hurricane ever hit! The whole mission gathered with the community on the peninsula facing towards the ocean, and linked hands! They wanted to break a world record… and we… did!! We broke it! We now have the record for longest human chain! They took a lot of pictures and videos, and hopefully I will be able to send some of them for you to see. It was amazing to be a part of! It was just a special feeling. They are going to submit that to the Guinness Book of World Records, so we will see if they submit it anytime soon.

Anyways, other than that life is good! Sadly enough my trainee is getting transferred to somewhere else in the mission. He struggled in the city, and is hopefully going out to Long Island. I will be staying here for another transfer! I am excited to start another one. Time is flying by too quickly… I am really looking forward to the holiday season! Maybe people will be a little more receptive? 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens in Brooklyn on Halloween! I hear it gets really crazy, and so we have to be indoors by 6:00. I will probably celebrate by going to sleep early. I can’t wait!

I love serving a mission! It is the best decision I have made up to this point. I am learning so much, and truly changing forever. I wouldn’t trade this for anything!

Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!
Brodowski, Lee and Jensen 2013

Success or Failure?

Well again… I don’t really remember what happened last week. It really starts to just be a huge blur. A good blur! But a blur none the less! I am so happy to hear a lot of people are doing well with the Gospel. I am excited for everyone and their missions! I know that a mission can bless everybody in their life if they chose to go. It sure has blessed me!
We did another zone wide blitz! 3 zones participated. That is about 75 missionaries? They all came to our ward to look up every single Less Active member in our boundaries. It was awesome! I was lucky enough to be paired up with Elder Burch again from the MTC!! We had a really good time. As we were doing our look ups, we saw some people playing basketball. Naturally we went over there and challenged them to a game. They saw that we were two white kids in our shirts and ties, and definitely under estimated us. We did end up beating them, but they weren’t very receptive to our message after the game.. they seemed a little angry with us. Ha!
We also got word that we will be getting a mini-iPad per missionary! They will come to us on Nov 11th! Plus each companionship will get their own iPhone! The first time I get an iPhone is on my mission…! We will be using the cloud of course. Each missionary will keep their iPad their whole mission, and use it for their area book and progress records, etc! SO when you get transferred to a new area? Boom. Cloud hooks you up with the information that you need. Legit right?
The work is slowly moving along. We haven’t been able to see anyone progress this transfer, and that is tough. It is hard to hear the success of friends in other missions, or hear stories from return missionaries and compare myself to them. We may not be seeing a lot of people progress right now, but does that define our success? If I don’t baptize 100 people does that mean my mission was a waste? Absolutely not. Success is measured by the effort you put into something, not always the end result. As long as I am doing everything I can to help other people come unto Christ, I am successful! Don’t get discouraged in life when you don’t always see the results that you want. Just remember. Success is measured by effort, not statistics.
Elder Lee
Come what may and Love it!
(For some reason I like to capitalize that L on love? Don’t judge!)

Ballin’ it up in Brooklyn!

As you know, we played in a basketball tournament in Brooklyn! It was way fun. They don’t mess around when it comes to basketball though… I was going to get a rebound, and I got elbowed in the mouth by this super ripped black guy. I split my lip and it started to bleed! Ha… like I said, they don’t mess around. We ended up losing, but made a ton of good friends! Made a good name for the church! It was a fun day.

Facebook. So the rules are pretty strict? Kinda? I don’t just use it like I did before the mission. It is just an extra tool for my missionary work! A lot of people will gladly add us on facebook, opposed to their addresses. Plus we can teach them through facebook! It is really cool. Oh! Only communicate with me for missionary purposes. Not just to say hi. I can teach, talk, or do anything related to the gospel though! I have a bunch of friends in mind that I would like to help! We will see how it goes… It will be easier when we get Ipads and stuff. That way we can skype teach lessons. Pretty cool eh? Technology these days…

We also played soccer with a bunch of people again on Saturday! We had a potential investigator come (Juan), and it was really fun! I actually got the ball and dribbled to the goal… then I kinda just kicked it, hoping that somebody would be there? Lo and behold.. Juan was there! He kicked it in for a goal! It was sweet! We have a connection now! We were talking after the game and he mentioned that the goal was “God-sent”… I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

We had our interviews with President Calderwood! I love that man. He is such a boss! I couldn’t have gotten a better mission president. I really couldn’t. We had a really good interview. I am so glad he will be my President for my whole mission!

In district meeting, I gave a workshop about self-mastery! It was an interesting discussion. Personally, I love the topic. Something that we all need to work on most. I just believe that if we want to truly become like the Savior, we have to learn to control our desires, emotions, etc. The best counsel is given in Matthew 5! Study it. Who knows, it could change your life!

Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!

Conference, Undercover Cops, and a Burnt Bug…

What a week it has been!! We had a really good week here in Brooklyn!!
It started with a solid lesson with a guy named Delroy. He is honestly so pure in heart. We had a really powerful lesson with him. We taught the Plan of Salvation to him in an apartment, that happened to be 110 degrees. Those are the kind of experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I teared up as I testified to this man. There is nothing that can replace the powerful effect a mission has had on me.
Speaking of how awesome missions are… we do a lot of finding activities to…well find people! We were singing outside of a train station this past week when we saw a STING operation. It was legit. These two undercover cops totally arrested this couple without them even knowing it. It was insane. We were just keeping to ourselves… singing hymns to the people of New York!! People think we are crazy by the way… but whats new!! haha

Click here for a cool picture!

We were on a bus riding home at about 8:45 when I noticed this guy. He was sitting down… but not for long. He totally passed out and just hit the floor really hard. Nobody else was really freaking out, but I got up to help him. He had just passed out from being so drunk. He couldn’t even tell where he was. I did my best to help him… everyone else was just so used to that happening that it didn’t faze them I guess? Mad world…
We are teaching a guy named Joseph who is blind! (I can’t remember if I told you that, things seem to blend together out here..) We were walking past a store when we noticed he was sitting outside. We have been trying to help him quit smoking lately! He obviously couldn’t tell that it was us, but he asked us for a smoke. We quickly let him know who it was, and he felt pretty embarrassed. Kept saying “you caught me, you caught me”! Ahhh… hahaha
We had a HUGE roach in our pad. So naturally we got my camera and recorded the death of this bug. Elder Jensen got his axe spray, and his lighter and we torched it. The video is sweet. You should see it!
And last, but not least… Conference was amazing. My testimony was strengthened. I was edified. I loved every minute of it. It seemed to go by too quickly. I really enjoyed Bonnie L. Oscarson’s talk. She spoke of conversion. Is conversion really a point we can ever attain? Can we ever become truly converted? I believe that it is always a process. “Improvement and progression have one eternal round”. We should always strive to be more humble, and seek new opportunities to learn. Strengthen your weakness’. Find out how to improve you testimony! You will never learn everything possible, and that is the beauty of it. A whole world of learning awaits all of us. Regardless of what season of life we are in. The only catch is, the conversion process lies within our power. Nobody can force it upon us, or become converted for us. The choice is ours.
Elder Lee!!
Come what may, and Love it!!

New York Nightcrawlers

Howdy ya’ll!! Life in the city is just as crazy as ever. Things are fine though. The Lord protects his missionaries! Thank goodness.
This week was a busy one… as usual! We have been trying to work extra hard right now because we don’t have very many people to work with. The work is moving forward though!! Being in a trio is different.. but I like it. It is fun.
They have some pretty nappy insects in the city. One of them has the nickname “New York Nightcrawlers”. Pretty much a huge version of a centipede that are in the apartments. I killed one this morning and they are gross. We may freak out a little bit when we see them… don’t judge.
The new ward is awesome! Pretty active…. but a lot of Inactives. It is sad! We did a 3 zone blitz last Wednesday! We had it arranged to contact all 700 inactive members. So close to 100 people worked together for a couple hours. We are going to do it again. It was successful and a lot of people were pretty interested! It was sweet. It just takes a lot of organization.
I love the transportation here. Buses, subways, etc. It is all cool. The walking part isn’t the funnest, but at least I won’t be obese!!
We met this man named Joseph smoking outside. We started meeting with him, and even though he is at a really rough time in his life he is awesome. I love that man. He is legally blind, and lives in undesirable circumstances, but has such a pure heart. Charity is real. We are working with him to quit smoking! He is a boss.
Everything here is fine! Just tiring! I invite everyone to listen to the conference talks this weekend, and take special care to listen for talks meant for you! If you look to apply those talks in your life it will make a difference. You will be happier, and experience peace. After all, isn’t that what we are all looking for?
Love you all!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and love it!
P.S. Something big is going to be announced in Conference.. at least that is my bet. The enisgn for September had an article titled something like “How new doctrine is established”. PLUS there is an article on titled “Be Alert, Attuned to Conference Revelations”. So… any guesses on what is going to be announced? (You can check out the link )