From the Woods…. To the Hoods!!!

I am finally in the city!! Brooklyn baby!! I love it out here so much. Sheesh. So much diversity. I thought it was diverse before… There is literally a different language/culture every single block you walk in some areas!! Lots of Jewish people, Muslim’s, etc. It is so cool to talk to people from all around the world. A lot of people don’t even really understand english. It is crazy. Culture shock for sure… Oh and yes. I walk everywhere now. I do love the subways, and buses though!!
We played soccer with some Haitians at this park on saturday!! After all the walking, and running around I lost 4 and a half pounds… in one day. It was crazy. We are going back next week to play with those Haitians. We are going to try and share a message this time after we play. The mission life is so fun! It is a lot more tiring out here though… I fall asleep once I hit the pillow. Ha! I love it!
A ton of crazy things happen every day, and I couldn’t explain them all if I wanted. One experience does stand out. There is recent convert named Edward in this ward. Oh by the way, this ward is FILLED with creole speaking people. Mainly from Haiti. But most of them at least speak english too. It is a sweet ward. Anyways, Edward invited us over for dinner. He said he didn’t have much but that he would like to feed us. We soon found out that he lived in very humble circumstances. I will just leave it at that. He got some peas and carrots out of a can, and gave us some cranberry juice. Normally I wouldn’t even touch that food… but because of the situation, I wa able to eat it. I can honestly say that peas, carrots, and cranberry juice have never tasted so good.
I am just loving my life! I love New York. It is such an awesome experience to be on a mission! No matter where you are, or what you are doing, just make the best of it. Life was meant to be enjoyed. If you focus on the negative, your life will be negative. But when you focus on the positive, your life truly is positive. I know that for a fact!
Lastly, Sis Blosil is in my district! She is awesome. It is fun to be serving around her again for the first time since the MTC. Oh and I got swarmed by wasps. I know. In the middle of Brooklyn, that was one of the last of my worries. We were doing service at “Prospect Park” when I was attacked. Luckily only got stung once on my shin. Ha! Who woulda thought.
I love you all!
Elder Lee
Come what may, and love it!



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