What would you do for a… Slurpee?

You have to sing the Klondike theme song when you read the title of my email this week. Ha!
Anyways, it was a great week. I will start off with my favorite part! We went to the Temple on Saturday!! Donna came for the first time! She was baptized for her two grandmothers, It was a really cool experience to watch. We helped her get started on her family history, and she is on fire. The Spirit of Elijah is real. I sure have a testimony of that now! She is doing work with it!!
I am almost positive that this is THE most diverse mission in the world. I can never remember what I emailed last week, so I hope I don’t repeat myself, but oh well.. In two weeks we talked to a Muslim guy from Egypt, a Hindu lady from New Zealand, a Catholic lady from Ireland, Ecuadorians, a family from the Dominican Republic, etc. It is so cool to meet so many different types of people. I love the diversity out here.
We have been going up to the “docks” a lot! We all go up as a district, and sing hymns for everyone. A lot of people just laugh, and mock us, but we do meet some really good potential investigators out there. It is fun too. I love singing still, and I get to do it all the time! We are doing a musical number for zone conference on Wednesday. (President and the Assistants will all do workshops for it). It was funny because we always ask people what their favorite hymn is, and finally this lady stopped to talk to us. She said she saw a movie about groups singing. Turns out it was pitch perfect. She asked us to sing the “cups” song from it! Nobody else had seen it, so I sang part of it for her! Haha! Never thought I would use that one out here.
We met this lady and offered to do service for her. She didn’t believe that we weren’t going to charge, and she was a little apprehensive at fist! But we just started weeding her garden anyways. In the process we found a lot of nappy creatures, some of those were slimy worms. I picked one up, and looked at Elder Finlinson. I told him I would buy him a slurpee if he ate two worms. He doesn’t often back down from a challenge, and accepted it. The first worm got down pretty easy. A little heaving on his part, but it made it down. The second one was tricky. He tried, and tried until finally he swallowed it…. or so he thought! He managed to start crawling back up his throat, mid swallow. He started gagging, and had to pull it out of his mouth. The whole time I was just dying laughing of course. It was hilarious for me to watch! Now my question to all of you… what would YOU do for a slurpee?!
Well. I have learned a lot thus far on my mission. One of those things is that life is stressful! I don’t have time, or energy to tell you half of the craziness that goes on. I just know that through it all, everything will work out! I just take a deep breath, do my best, and pray. That is about all we can do. I love living this Gospel. I am happy that I can help others live it too! I know this is true. Or else I wouldn’t still be out here, trust me. Ephesians 4: 5 says is better than I can, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism”. This is The One.
Love you all.
Elder Lee!
Come what may, and Love it!
P.S. Go to www.LDS.org, and view “A day in the life of a missionary”. That is my mission! Those missionaries are home now, but they served out here. Elder Munday was the AP who picked me up from the airport!

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