The Difference!

I wish I could tell ya’ll everything. There are just some things that are very sacred to me! Don’t worry mom, I am safe. Mission’s are just about the best thing someone can experience. SO if you are waiting to go on a mission.. get excited!  If you aren’t going… Go. Simple as that.
This week was just what I needed. It was hard, pretty similar to every week. Ha! But always just what I need. We are still working with Paul! He is in the hospital right now, and we went over to teach him. It is pretty awesome… because he has nowhere to go and so he has to listen! Not a lot of chances to experience that out here. So we taught him about how he can be with his wife forever, and the things he needs to do in order to obtain that! We are going back this week to teach him some more. Keep him in your prayers. After Paul we were leaving, and saw another guy! So naturally we walked up and talked to him. That led to a conversation about his daughter he lost when she was 17 years old. We bore our testimonies, and had to leave because of curfew, but are going back to teach him this week! I love this gospel. It isn’t just a happy story that people tell in Utah. It is real. It is true. I am so glad I came to New York to finally understand that!
We were driving down the street into one of the more sketchy parts of our area.  As we were driving I noticed some black people. No big deal, see it every day. The problem was… One was on the ground getting beat up by two other people. So I start freaking out, honking the horn to get them to stop. My comp just keeps on driving past, so I make him flip around. I wanted to make sure that person was okay. By the time we flip around all 3 of them were standing up just waiting for us. Just yelling. Turns out they were all 15 year old GIRLS. Not gonna lie… The one laying the beat down was pretty intimidating. I wish I could have gotten out, but I probably would have been shot, and our Mission President doesn’t like us to confront people. SO the other girl was fine… luckily. And of course, we are fine mom.
Just another day in New York I guess!
I have noticed something very clearly since coming out here. Not all missionaries are the same, there is a difference! My whole life I thought missionaries were perfect! They knew everything, they were always obedient, they were always happy, they all worked hard, blah blah blah. Right? Wrong. We met a member who just moved in named Bro Wright. He has been a Return Missionary for 5 years now. He still has the missionary fire. He came teaching with us and shared some stories. Mainly about talking to everyone you see, and working hard. From there I can see a contrast. I have seen lots of missionaries who have slacked off (for lack of a better word). And seen really good ones out here. It all really depends upon our agency and our relationship with Heavenly Father. So I came up with a little saying, “Just because somebody WENT on a mission, doesn’t mean they SERVED a mission”. I am working hard so that I can proudly claim that I served! If we ever lack the courage to be the type of people our Heavenly Father wants us to be, study the Atonement until we do. If you really understand the Atonement you will SERVE every day of your life. Now the question is… Are you going to wake up tomorrow and serve, or foolishly go through the motions? That my friends, is up to you.
Well… Elder Lee loves you.
Come what may and love it!
P.S. I am sitting next to a guy talking to himself out loud playing chess on his computer. I am not sure if he is playing against himself or not… Flippin New York… I love it.

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