One Year Older and…..”humbler” too?

First of all.. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I loved hearing from so many people. And mom, you are the best. Thanks for making my birthday so great.
I am finally getting old! Yay! I wouldn’t say I am wiser, but I am a lot more humble. Especially after last week. Wondering why? Let me enlighten you..
It started off pretty good! We had gone to the beach to celebrate my birthday the day before, and we had an awesome member present lesson lined up for Tuesday night. (It is the black ladies from Trinidad). We had planned to teach them the Plan of Salvation straight out of the Bible. It was going to be epic. Until it went terribly wrong. They really didn’t follow along too well, or understand it. We were pretty prideful, and it showed. At the end of the lesson they were just confused. We are going back tomorrow, a little more humble this time!
Then we went to visit Bro Cole! We had been meeting with him all transfer long, and he was really progressing. He wanted to come back to church, and go to the temple, etc! We were really excited for him. Then we went back this week. He is Jewish by blood, and never had a problem with it before. We asked him to pray, and he refused. He then started a speech he had prepared for us. It was his “Biblical Evidence” that Jesus was not the Christ. We didn’t have answers to the questions he was asking. BUT we do have faith. We aren’t always going to have evidence for things, but we aren’t supposed to. That is where faith comes in! We finally stopped him, I bore my testimony about how I KNOW that Jesus is THE Christ, and we left. It was a very difficult, hard, and humbling experience. Imagine that? (P.S. 2 Nephi 9: 28-29 makes way more sense to me now after this experience. Look it up!)
Then my birthday happened!! What a day. I loved it. We did normal missionary work all day, until Elder Finlinson got SICK. How did he get sick you ask? Oh that is a tale. So we had a dinner appointment on Saturday night. He told Mike and Deb (Downstairs neighbors) that he would make his homemade root beer. He had to get empty bottles, and all the supplies. Well we bought 5 “2 Liter” bottles of Mtn Dew. He had to drink it all by Wednesday. He ended up drinking 3 by himself… He started the root beer process 3 days in advance for it to be delicious. We did the math, and in 36 hours he consumed:
3,060 Calories
1,080 mg Sodium
828 g Sugar (OR 1.8 POUNDS)
972 g Caffeine
Yeah… We were on our way to an appointment and we had to pull over. He started throwing up everywhere, and we had to go home. I look at it as a tender mercy though! I actually got to sit down and open some presents on my birthday because he was sleeping! HA! What a day.
In my studies I finished up Proverbs! I was reading in chapter 31 and discovered that the Bible describes the typical “Dream Girl”. The main quality it talks about is virtue. They compare virtue to rubies, because of their rarity. It got me thinking. This applies to all of us. Are we rubies of great worth? Or rocks by the wayside?
Elder Lee
Come what may, and love it!

Street sweep in Terryville 2013

Street sweep in Terryville 2013


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