The Dreaded Day Has Come…

This week was…. an adventure! They all are. We went to the Long Island Ducks game with the Dybers! Hopefully they sent you some pictures from that. We did that on P-day! It was pretty fun. Even though my Ducks lost… grrr. ha!
Entrance to the game.

Entrance to the game.

Long Island Ducks 2013

Long Island Ducks 2013

Quacking at the ducks game!

Quacking at the ducks game!

So first of all.. Mike was baptized yesterday! That wasn’t the dreaded day of course. It was a great day! He finally is a “Saint” as he says. I love that guy. I will try to send some pictures home from the baptism later. The program went very well. Something really cool actually happened with that! We were with Bishop Smith visiting a less active couple. As we were meeting with them (for the first time) I had an impression. I felt prompted to ask him to speak at Mikes baptism! So.. I asked him! Elder Finlinson, and Bishop… mainly Bishop… were pretty shocked! He wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I knew the Holy Ghost was prompting me. He accepted, and came the next day! I had never ever seen him at church the whole time I have been here. He got up and gave a great talk. Bore powerful testimony, and now he is planning on coming next week! The Lord works by small and simple things! Incredible.
Second of all, Elder Finlinson and I are going to start a landscaping business. Not really… But we definitely could! I will send some pictures so that this really can make sense, but I will try to explain it. There were some bushes that a less active member needed to be trimmed. Unfortunately they were too tall for her (or anyone) to reach! Why not use a ladder you ask? Well good question. Naturally she didn’t have one. So we did what we do best! We improvised. He got on my shoulders, while wielding a hedge trimmer, and I walked all along the bushes and IN the bushes so that we could get the job done! Nothing was stopping us! Not even the disgusting bugs. Which by the way… there are TONS of. Long Island is filled with nappy insects. So I was surrounded by spiders and bugs while I was standing in this bush. With a person on my shoulders. Who was trimming bushes. What a day! 
Sean and Elder F. trimming bushes

Sean and Elder F. trimming bushes


Then it happened… The dreaded day had finally come. We were at 7-Eleven getting a drink. When the door opened, and in they walked. 3 women, wearing not so modest clothing! They immediately bee-lined over to us. I tried to escape, but couldn’t. I was trapped between glass and Elder Finlinson. He took off immediately. Right as I was about to turn around and walk away, they started talking to me. Actually hitting on me… The nerve!! Here is the worst part. I can’t talk to women anymore. I have finally become that awkward missionary! I pretty much just stared at them for a few minutes, mumbling things. Then I slowly grabbed my Arizona and with a blank stare on my face… walked away. The dreaded day of becoming an awkward missionary has come.
Those were some of the highlights of my week! Great things are happening out here. Keep the Terryville area in your prayers. We need all the help we can get. My birthday is coming up! The only reason I bring this up.. is to ask for a Birthday present! Duh. The thing I truly want for my birthday is for everyone to find ONE opportunity to share a message about the gospel to someone. Regardless if they are member or not. Then you can understand what I do ALL day every day. 🙂
Here is my spiritual thought of the day. This life isn’t meant to be easy. If it were easy, there would be no point. We all have work to do, and sometimes it will be really hard. But I came up with a little saying:
“The Lord found perfection through blood, sweat, and tears. He expects us to do the same.”
Elder Lee
Come what may, and Love it!

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