Pleasure vs Happiness! *Warning, “Only in New York” Moment Enclosed*

What a week! Well.. I pretty much can say that after every week. Ha! They are all busy, and wonderful.

First of all…. Donna was confirmed yesterday!! So cool. I got to confirm her! That was a first. I was a little nervous, but of course everything was fine. She got her temple recommend right after church! We are going with the D”s on Friday. A bunch of ward members will be there hopefully.
There is a less active member we are working with. Brother R. I love this man. He is crazy! He has some stories that I wish I could tell you about. I don’t even think I am supposed to know the things he has told me…. Just know that he has had a crazy life!  We are currently helping them get back to the temple! The Temple should always be the goal. Always. Brother R loves to pick on me. Because I pick on him. He is a shorter, STRONG, guy. Definitely someone you would not want to mess with. So I was talking to Donna and Mike in the pews right after sacrament meeting. Brother R came up behind me, and put me in a headlock. I just start laughing and making fun on him of course (probably not the smartest idea). Then he asked if he was embarrassing me, so I said “no!”  Then he started kissing me on the cheek multiple times in front of the whole ward. Oh Brother R… what a guy… Only in New York!!
We are going to a “Long Island Ducks” Baseball game today! That should be fun. Yes mom… I will try to get some pictures for you! Haha I will let you know how it goes! We are going with the D’s… SO that should be interesting.
Lastly for a spiritual thought I came across a cool concept. I was reading Jesus the Christ on page 247 this week! There is a note titled “Pleasure vs Happiness”. The basics of it are that pleasure brings satisfaction momentarily, and immediately is followed by regret, sadness, etc. While happiness is something harder to achieve, and often requires sacrifice. Yet it yields a long-lasting sense of gratification. Happiness is what we CAN experience throughout eternity. But of course.. It is all up to us, and what we choose to do in this life! Go read that reference, James E. Talmage explains it better of course.
Speaking of happy….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Go get a senior discount movie ticket for me! 🙂
Love you guys,
Elder Lee
Come what may, and LOVE it.

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